Spring is finally here, and luckily winter wasn’t too bad this past year. But, even if it didn’t snow much and wasn’t too cold, getting outside is something all of us can’t wait to be able to do daily. As the weather gets warmer and it stays lighter for longer into the evenings, you may want to be able to light up your landscape design. Different types of outdoor lighting are great for various purposes, but doing this right isn’t easily done by DIY homeowners. Connecting lights, timers, spotlights, and a lighting framework is typically best for experienced landscaping contractors. Let’s see some of your options.

What are You Trying to Bring Attention To?

Home Landscape Lighting Ideas that the whole family can get behind, like this one in New City, NY.

Home Landscape Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting isn’t just good-looking. It can be functional as well. You should first consider what your goals with landscape lighting are, to begin with. Have some newly planted trees or flower beds you want to showcase? Spotlighting may be the best bet. Want to have your driveway or walkways lit up at night with perimeter lighting? What exactly are you looking for in your outdoor lights?

Functional Lighting Options

There are many options for choosing the types of lights to use outside your home. The most common installations are functional and also look great. Here is a short list of some typical installations each year:

  • Home Uplighting
  • Pathway + Sidewalk Lighting
  • Patio Paver Lighting
  • Driveway Lighting 
  • String Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Estate Gate & Fence Lighting
  • Fire Pits & Tiki Torch Lighting
  • Balcony Lighting
  • Garden & Tree Lighting
  • Christmas & Other Holiday Lights
  • Poolside & Pool Area Lighting
  • and more

If you’re unsure what you want, discuss it with other members of the household and your favorite landscape design contractor. They can go over some of the essential line items, including:

  • Your budget & material costs
  • Upkeep & energy consumption
  • Motion Sensor or time-based lighting choices
  • Specific brand choice and bulb varieties (LED, HID, etc.)

Important when Working with Energy & Lighting Power Grid

Any lighting is better than no lighting, but that doesn’t mean you want a random set of lights placed around your lawn. A theme or mental map and framework should exist for how these lights interact. There are also important things to consider, like connecting new lines and areas to the energy utility. If you need to connect new lines to the power grid around your home, you can’t do it alone. Only licensed and insured professional contractors can work within utility systems like energy and water.

Doing something wrong can lead to severe complications beyond disconnecting the power to your home. High-voltage electricity is dangerous, and beyond the serious fines imposed for working on utility lines without approval is the sober fact that accidents can be fatal.

Hiring the Right Landscape Lighting Company

Working with an unqualified company for this installation can carry certain risks. Both legally and in terms of safety. If you’re serious about planning an outdoor living design update to your home landscaping, you’ll want to ask around. Where is the Best Outdoor Lighting Contractor Rockland County NY outdoor lighting contractor? Here at Pro Cut Landscaping, and over 30 years of local expertise.

Give us a call, and let’s discuss your options on any budget.


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