There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different ways to enhance your home landscaping. A great looking and functional path or walkway through or around different portions of your property is a shining example of how landscape design can really get creative. Here we’ll look at some different options to consider when looking to choose designs and patterns.

Walkway Installation Rockland County NY

Walkway Installation Rockland County NY

1. Stone Varieties

This will be the foundation that will lay the proper ground work for your new path. Choosing materials is always important so be sure to consult your local expert, here is a few varieties to consider: flagstone, gravel, brick, natural stone, cut stone, concrete, crushed stone, and others.

2. Design Options

Here is where you’ll get to be really creative, whether you’re building a small path from your back porch to a pool area or a long pathway through your property. Here it’s important to start thinking about things that will be going into the design along with the path. Items like plant varieties and future landscaping features should be considered.

3. Design Concepts

Through the Garden: a easy rolling path leading to a garden area. Strategically placed latticework fence and gate to greet your visitors and lead them through a path of various plant and flower varieties ending ultimately at your prized garden area.

Beautiful Purpose: a sublet path which adds an ideal accessory to a home’s lines and direction. A retaining wall bridges the gap between yard and path, utilizing natural river stone and strategically placed flagstone pavers from the front door to the back yard and pool area.

There are literally endless design ideas you can consider, so be sure to consult your local professional to see what will work best with your property and current landscaping. For the finest in Walkway Installation Rockland County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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