Retaining walls come in many different shapes and sizes. There are traditional farm-style natural stones, bricks, modern concrete, bluestone, and many more. If your existing retaining wall is starting to look weathered or has visible failing or damaged sections, it could be a great time to start thinking about an overhaul. Considering these structures do more than just look good, keeping them well maintained is smart. 

Identifying Structural Wear & Tear

How do you know your retaining wall is in good shape or is starting to get weathered down? You can:

  • take a look at it and visually see if there are noticeable areas of cracked/broken stone or collapsed sections
  • see a portion of the wall has sunk into the ground noticeably deeper than other sections
  • notice fallen bricks, stones, portions, or sections
  • Your kids, spouse, or neighbors point out an area that needs repair

These may seem like a no-brainer because they pretty much are. If you can see a problematic section of your retaining wall you can immediately plan for a fix or repair. But what about when the damage is beneath the surface? What if it’s underground moisture or rain runoff that you can’t outright see that is causing issues? How will you know then where you need to address a wall problem? 

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Certain Stone & Brick Materials Weather Faster

A landscaping contractor will be able to do more than just see the same visual damage that you can see on your own. They will be aware of the different stone or brick materials your retaining wall is constructed with, even if they were not the contractor who did the job. Because certain types of brick and stone will break down more quickly over time than other materials, an experienced landscaping specialist will be able to identify problems that arise from the actual material integrity. 

For example: John and his family recently moved into an older home in New City, NY. They love the neighborhood and their new home but are unsure about the structural integrity of the retaining wall that borders the property. Some areas are cracked or failing and other areas have downright fallen over. Johns knows some repairs are needed but isn’t sure if he should replace the fallen sections or the entire retaining wall. Being unfamiliar with masonry, natural stone, or general landscape design he is unsure how to proceed. 

He contacts the professionals from Pro Cut Landscaping to get a check-up on the current wall and a quote on a replacement and repair. The Pro Cut team discovers that the wall has multiple sections with cracked and worn-down foundations due to freezing and thawing over the years since it was built. They recommend a replacement. Then help John with looking at all of his options including costs, time frames, pros and cons of different materials, different styles, and more. John now has his new retaining wall being built with an eye towards the future. Rain paths are looked at to prevent this sort of thing from happening too quickly. The project is completed, John and his family are very happy with it and how it truly completes the look and feel of their new home. 

Hiring a Local Rockland NY Masonry Company

Rockland NY Masonry Company

Rockland NY Masonry Company

Not all companies who offer masonry-focused stone building services will have the licenses, insurance, access to materials, team size, and level of expertise to do large home wall projects. Knowing who to hire for a project of this size can seem daunting, after retaining walls serve more than as a good-looking property line barrier. They can prevent major water damage, create different sections of your home landscaping, divide property lines, keep your dogs and kids in the yard, and more. They also add property value to your home.

If you’re unsure of what sort of materials would work best, you should consider a few things:

  • what is your maximum budget?
  • what materials do you like aesthetically considering the landscape design of your home?
  • do you have any examples in mind of wall styles you prefer?
  • do certain materials hold up better in our 4 seasons than others?
  • how much property value is added with a new retaining wall?

These are all questions you can get an answer to if you simply ask. 

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