We’re all at home and can’t go out to reduce spread of covid-19 (we’ll get through it as a nation). But that doesn’t mean neglecting that landscaping design project you have in mind until next spring. In fact, now is one of the best times of the year to get the ball rolling on a season ending project that will prepare your home landscape for fall and winter. One of those is an update to your current crumbling retaining wall. Let’s consider some of the best ideas when it comes to a new wall.

Retaining Wall Contractors Rockland NY

Retaining Wall Contractors Rockland NY

1. Functional Aesthetics

So, retaining walls look great but they also serve a specific purpose. When it comes to enclosing an area or protecting an area from movement and shifting through our various seasons, a retaining wall is just that thing. Think of the difference in function when looking at a home with bush and shrub areas enclose or raised off the ground with a retaining wall. It looks solid to the eye providing a strong level of stone or polished concrete that also keeps mulch in an area and protect any of the plants growing there. A paver wall can really encompass that look of strength every home owner wants to embody.

2. Stone & Brick Choices

In the past walls of this kind were built with either red brick or natural stone that had to be fitted specifically together. Nowadays, those options are still available but it has changed in a few ways. The type of brick or concrete bricks used today can come in many different shapes and designs, and can last far longer than the red bricks of old. Natural stone is still used but you’ll have to be sure you’re using an experienced contractor because getting all of the stones to fit properly so that they’ll last is a truly artistic skill set. Colors are not limited the way they used to be either. From dark hues to brighter lights, there is a wide range and the most common is a cool looking steel grayish blue that we are all familiar with. Consult your contractor based on your budget and what you like when looking around other neighbors yards in your neighborhood.

3. Time Frames

Some landscaping companies will say a job will take 2 weeks and a month later you’re still seeing them come to the house. Not so with qualified and experienced contractors though. A retaining wall done right takes a specific skill set and knowledge base on how to deal with the various elements which look to make installing one more difficult. Soil density, water path following rain, the right stone for the North East, the right angle to pivot the wall; are just a few things that need to be understood prior to starting a project. If someone is making it up on the go it’s going to take much longer and be of poor quality. So keep in mind the right contractor may say a retaining wall installation will take 2 weeks, and you can expect it to be done in 2 weeks with the right company.

No matter which route you go, make the most of the remaining weeks of fall. For the best in Retaining Wall Contractors Rockland NY, look no further than right here at over 30 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free consultation and quote. 845-727-88815

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