When looking at your springtime home landscaping checklist, there are likely a few things that will stick out as priorities and others that are important but less so. Items like mulching and cutting the grass are essential but don’t require much thought or too serious planning to do right. But if you want more substantial home landscaping design projects completed this warm weather season, who you hire is as important as the materials you select. After all, you wouldn’t have a wall built with cheap old red brick, would you? No. You wouldn’t want to hire an underqualified or underinsured landscaping contractor for any job beyond grass cutting.

Let’s look at a few ways to be confident you’re working with the right landscaping and construction company.

Keeping Things Under One “Roof”

Best Landscape Contractor Rockland NY

Best Landscape Contractor Rockland NY

Hiring an all-in-one contractor is usually the best option for projects beyond lawn mowing or mulching for a few key reasons. Let’s say you’re having a new pool installed this summer. Some contractors operate this way:

  1. 1st contractor to do the site survey and dig the in-ground pool “hole.”
  2. 2nd contractor to install pool lining and connect water utility. 
  3. 3rd contractor to do the pool area and outdoor structure
  4. 4th contractor to connect the electrical of the pool area to the grid.
  5. 5th contractor to install pool landscape lighting
  6. 6th contractor to install the outdoor kitchen

It may seem crazy, but this is the sort of contractor that some folks have to work with year after year to get a pool installed. Many moving parts, materials, equipment, insurance, and licenses are required to do all of this, which is why many contractors cannot do it all in-house. But, if you know where to look, you can find the right contractor who does all of this under a single company, so you’re not paying six different parties and talking to 6 varied project managers. A centralized and single point of contact makes the entire process much easier and more cost-effective.

Experience & Expertise in the Field

Hiring an experienced landscape design contractor can make a real difference in the quality and longevity of any project you have done. If you’re having home irrigation and an automated sprinkler system installed, it’s a pretty complicated project. Many moving parts include water sensors, sprinkler heads, piping, water utility connections, meters, and more. Working on water table-connected projects also requires special licensing and insurance, as the state and local boards are very particular about how you work with the water supply.

It can spell disaster if something goes wrong or is installed incorrectly in these systems. If a piping line is damaged or burst due to a poor installation, you can have floods throughout your property and water damage to other areas of your home. So, you wouldn’t want to hire a contractor who has never installed or only done a few home irrigation systems. Be sure to ask about years in the field and examples of past work you can look to. What sort of guarantees or warranties will be included as well?

Hiring the Right Local Landscape Company

As we’ve seen, there are a few ways to go about any update to your home. Some are better than others. Be sure you ask questions, get examples of past work, and talk to the contractor about your budget, expect timelines and the options you’re considering. Do they have recommendations on materials? Basically, pick their brain for what you’re looking for and if they can do it right.

For the Best Landscape Contractor Rockland NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping, and over 30 years of local expertise. Give us a call, and let’s discuss your upcoming project today.

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