Fall is here, Halloween is just a few short days away, daylight savings is next week, and that means colder weather and darker days. Last year we had multiple snow storms which qualified as blizzards. With snowfall accumulating over 3 inches multiple times. The amount of 1-2 inch days was also incredibly high as well. This year, experts are predicting another wet and cold winter wonderland. Have you thought about snow and ice yet? Fall is grey and wet but winter is greyer and colder with a lot of wet in the form of snow and ice. Are you ready?

Commercial Snow Removal Readiness

New Pro Cut Commercial Truck Fleet is Ready for Winters Worst

Commercial Snow Removal Rockland NY

Homeowners have their own issues in dealing with snow & ice. But if you’re a business owner or manage a commercial space, being winter-ready is absolutely essential. You don’t want to be scrambling to find a snow removal contractor the night before a blizzard or the morning of. You’ll likely be left to close your doors or get out there with a shovel, no easy task in a commercial parking lot!

Hiring a qualified ice management team isn’t something to leave to the last minute. If you’ve been procrastinating on this you should take a moment to make some phone calls and get your retail location set for the worst of winter. Not being ready means a few key things for your business or commercial property:

  • Unclear parking lots means no customers and employees can get in safely
  • Unsafe walkways are a liability to your business and property
  • If snow accumulates enough and freezes it is harder to clear later
  • Speed is of the essence to keeping your doors open
  • Loss of revenue, new customers, and foot traffic
  • Unforeseen complications

What if a power line comes down in your lot or a pipe burst and your lot or roadway is impassable? This would lead to greater problems. Be sure you’re ready for the worst of winter.

Size & Age of Truck Fleet Matters

If you’re thinking of hiring a snow management contractor there are a few key things to think about.

  • Size of the truck fleet. Does the contractor have enough trucks to get to you and all of their other clients on time in a winter storm?
  • Age of truck fleet. Does the contractor have modern and well-maintained trucks and plows?
  • What is the operating area of the contractor? Knowing where you fall in a fleets scheduled or typical path can be important. If you’re the last stop, that could be a problem.
  • What costs are associated with this sort of snow and ice team? Is it a monthly cost or paid on a usage basis? Monthly may seem unnecessary but it will save you money compared to paying per storm, as the costs can get high and competitive.
  • What sort of rock salt is the contractor using? Certain types of salt are harmful to local wildlife and can be incredibly corrosive. Be sure to ask about this, there are salt varieties that don’t make a mess, are not toxic, and are better for your building.

This is just a shortlist of questions you should be considering before hiring a snow and ice team.

The Pro Cut New Truck Fleet is HereSnow Removal Truck Fleet for Pro Cut Landscaping in West Nyack, NY

We’ve made some additions to our snow fleet following all of the snow and ice we experienced last year. We’ve invested in new plows and several new trucks, growing the size of our fleet to meet the ever-growing demand. If you run a commercial space, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss your specific needs and budget.

For the best Commercial Snow Removal Rockland NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. We’ve been proudly serving the region for over 30 years. We live right here where we work, we are your neighbors and know how treacherous the weather can get!


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