Getting a sewer inspection for homeowners and potential home buyers is incredibly important to avoid the stress and high cost of a sewer line repair. Sewers move water, sewage, cooking oil, detergents, soaps, and more away from your property. If there is a leak or damage to the system, a small problem can quickly turn into a massive one. Most especially when sewer lines aren’t inspected regularly and water is involved. So, if you’re a homeowner or prospective buyer, you should be asking yourself, “when was the last thorough sewer inspection?”. If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to get one scheduled right away. 

Who Needs a Sewer Line Inspection

Rockland NY Sewer Repair Contractor

Rockland NY Sewer Repair Contractor

It’s a good idea for all homes to have sewer lines inspected but most importantly for older homes built 25 years ago or more. Over time there will be erosion and build-ups in the sewer system of any home. Certain older homes made with outdated piping materials have proven far less sturdy over decades. Lines used to be made with tar paper, a cheap way to make a lot of piping, but this has proved problematic as they deteriorate far more quickly than other materials. 

If you have trees in your yard and property you should also be getting your sewer lines inspected regularly. Tree roots are often stunning in their size and scope, often covering entire subterranean areas of your yard. If they don’t get the water they want they will stretch roots outwards looking for a better water source. This can lead to driveway and walkway damage, but also your home’s critical water infrastructure and sewer lines. If this happens and your system is damaged there is no easy fix. A full excavation and sewer repair will be necessary. This is pretty expensive and has your yard torn up until project completion. 

What does a Home Sewer Inspection Involve?

A qualified Pro Cut Landscaping team will use various tools like an HD camera attached to a snake to work through the entire sewer system. They will be checking for sewer problems that include: cracks, leaks, clogs, roots, erosion, build-up, and more. They will make a detailed report that can be printed out right there on the spot and go over it with the homeowner. Next, they’ll discuss how and why problems in the system should be resolved immediately.

What Happens When the Inspection is Completed?

If there are no problems, great! You’ve avoided a major sewer line catastrophe on the horizon and we’ll schedule your next inspection so you don’t have to remind yourself a year on. We’ll also recommend certain items that are preventative measures and essentially “tune-up” your entire system. If there are problems large or small, we’ll go over what it takes to fix them and provide a general work quote and time frame. This can include:

  • Relining the sewer with preferred resin-soaked liners
  • Utilizing enzyme cleaners to keep the sewer line smooth and flowing
  • Using high pressure to remove debris and clogged portions, known as hydro-jetting
  • Excavation and sewer line repair
  • Sewer line sectional replacement
  • Complete sewer line replacement

Being consistent with your sewer line inspections can prevent or eliminate most of the common problems homeowners face over time. This is not an item to procrastinate on, the costs for doing so are just too high. 

Hiring a Rockland NY Sewer Repair Contractor

We have specialized in sewer line excavation, construction, and repairs for over 30 years. Whether inspecting your sewer lines or building a custom in-ground pool, working within the water table requires special licenses and certifications that not all contractors will carry. Be sure you’re only working with a qualified and insured sewer specialist like right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 

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