The days are getting hotter and the temperatures are starting to raise. That means you should be thinking about your home’s landscape design and enjoying more time outdoors. When it comes to enjoying all the seasons, having a beautiful custom-built patio can be that piece of the puzzle to enjoying the outdoors even through the fall.

Why Build a New Patio?

There are lots of different reasons homeowners have a new patio installed or replace an old one. An outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy the outdoors just set up some patio furniture and you’re ready to go. But today you have more options to consider than just what sort of chairs you want out there. So why would someone build a new patio? If you have space for an outdoor area that is not being used then you can consider a new patio. If you have an old patio that is fallen into disrepair, it’s time for a new one.  If you and your family wish you had more of an area to spend time in outside, then a patio can be the right fit. Take a look at our article about different Home Paver Ideas here.

Paver Stone Options

Home Patio Contractor Rockland NY

Home Patio Contractor Rockland NY

Patios are no longer some bricks laid out in a square shape. Today patios have a huge variety of stone options to choose from that go way beyond the scope of just bricks. You should consult your patio paver contractor when considering what stone varieties will work best for your home’s aesthetic. Some options include but are not limited to natural stone, brick (clay) varieties, blue stone, sandstone, concrete, porcelain, cobblestone, Flagstone, Marble, and more. Some stones will be better suited for things like driveways as what goes on the patio will factor into what type of stone you’ll need to consider.

Each type of paver stone will also have different pros and cons. Some are more durable in the long term through all four seasons while others may not be suited for cold temperatures. You wouldn’t want to go with a stone variety which will be damaged by ice and the cold. Your local paver contractor will know what is the most suitable for your circumstance.

Outdoor Patio Options

It’s great to be able to spend time outdoors on your new patio. Have lunch, sip iced tea, read a book, catch some sun; to name a few. But what about in the fall and winter months? There are options you can add onto any outdoor patio to make them usable all year long, even in the cold weather. The most popular of which is an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Outdoor fireplaces have become immensely popular in the northeast. They allow you to spend more time outdoors even when the weather gets colder and can be multi-functional. Some outdoor fireplaces are also outdoor wood fire ovens where you can bake brick oven pizza or cook other varieties of foods. But in terms of enjoying the outdoors during fall, an outdoor patio fireplace can be the perfect fit to enjoy the fall foliage while still staying warm outside at home.

Is a New Patio Something You’re Considering?

It’s getting close to summer and that means plenty of time left through the next few months to enjoy the outdoors. If you have an outdoor patio, particularly with an outdoor fireplace, you can continue to enjoy the outdoors when everyone else must go inside. But knowing who to hire and when the best time of the year to start working is can be tricky. Every paver contractor will have their own time frames for work completion and costs for materials and labors. It’s never a bad idea to get more than one quote for any project of this size. By asking a few key questions you can make sure you’re getting the best possible work for the best possible price.

Questions you should be asking include:

  • What paver stone varieties do they recommend?
  • What design options are available? (interlocking, different colors, designs, etc.)
  • Do I get a discount on an outdoor fireplace if I add it during the build out?
  • How long should the project take start to finish?
  • Are there any rebates?
  • Are there warranties on the paver stones?
  • Do you offer financing?

Keeping some of these basic questions in mind you can get the best possible deal for your upcoming patio project.

Verdict: Get Started Today

Right now, many landscape design contractors are offering season opening discounts which you can take advantage of if you know where to look and how to ask. Many contractors are starting to wind down with their seasonal work, so you have some bargaining power as they try to finish the warm weather building season strong. Take advantage of this now and you’ll enjoy the benefits now and in the future.

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