The weather is starting to heat up and with the pandemic still going on many of us may not be planning family vacations this year. That is unfortunate, BUT there is a silver lining to be had and that is how you can make a new pool installation (or a home pool remodeling) the big thing for you and the family this summer. There is no better time than now to plan to spend more time at home than in years past and a beautiful custom indoor pool can make it feel like a vacation at home you and the family will love. Here let’s look at some of the customization and design options you can think about for your new pool installation.

Shape & Size

New Pool Installation Company Rockland NY

New Pool Installation Company Rockland NY

Here you’ll have to know a few parameters such as how much space you have available. Not just on the ground itself but also underground for an in-ground pool. It must be determined if there is bedrock how deep is it or if there are sewer lines or power lines running through your property. Once you know you’re property is ok for a pool installation it’s time to hit the drawing board. You should search the internet for some ideas and also past work examples from the pool installation contractor you’ll be going with. They will undoubtedly have some thought as to what can and won’t work and also will design your pool within your set budget (so you should know your budget ranges as well). Shapes can be standardized or they can be oblong or parted or completely unique. Is it a leisure pool or will you also be planning on swimming laps? How deep will you want the deep end? Do you have kids and they want a water-slide? These are all things that should be discussed with your family and the pool company you’re working with.

Poolside Options

The area around your new pool is also a great place to get creative. With different patio options and pool side landscaping choices to consider this is really where you make the new pool area you’re own. Interlocking paver stones make for great pool side landscaping as they can also be installed in various designs and shapes. What about the coping around the pool? Using beautiful tiles or rounded terracotta coping can provide an old world or European feel that looks great and is unique. You should consider a conjunction of your home’s design and landscaping to provide a basis for how you’d like your pool area to look. Keeping things consistent is a great way to keep your aesthetic in line with itself.

Water-features & Additional Options

Pools can be more than just the pool as well. Great options like waterfall features, diving boards, water slides, or hot tub attachments; are further ways to really make a pool your own. How about an outdoor shower at the pool to rinse off before going in the water or after to clean chlorine off of yourself before going inside. Maybe an outdoor kitchen would be best suited to how you plan on using your pool. While the kids are swimming you can be preparing meals and then sharing them right there at the attached outdoor patio combined with your pool area. Your pool area can be whatever you want so you should get creative if your budget allows to add features and options like outdoor showers or waterfalls.

Staying home more this summer doesn’t have to be a burden. Plan accordingly now to have much of your “vacation time” at home as opposed to on the road like years past. Even if we are opening back up your pool installation can be used for a life time. It not only is something the family will always enjoy but it also adds property value to your home and improved buyers incentive if and when you are planning a move. So hit the drawing board and get the ball rolling on your home pool design today.

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