If you have a home automated irrigation system then you’ve seen the advantages to your lawn, plants, and landscaping with the consistent flow of water. But as we move through fall and approach winter, your system will not and cannot remain active during the coldest times of the year. There is a great deal of structural and systemic damage or failure if your sprinkler system is not completely and properly winterized. Let’s look at how and why you need to make sure this is done correctly to save yourself major costs for repairs and the headache that goes with it.

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY

1. Flushing The Pipes Thoroughly

During the coldest times of the year we can experience temperatures well below freezing at night and with high winds. Just remember the winter vortex’s that came around last year and how wind chills had temperatures -20F or colder. This means that any available water (either in the ground or in pipes) will freeze and burst. Because sprinkler systems have various pipes and water lines going to and from different areas of the year, being sure these are completely flushed out and disconnected from the water source is essential. Failure to do this properly and you risk freezing and bursting pipes which may not be discovered until the warm weather comes back. This is an expensive error to make.

2. Don’t Delay Winterization Too Long

So there is still some daylight and days between 50-60 degrees, but that doesn’t mean temperatures at night won’t start consistently being below freezing. So you shouldn’t delay much longer to winterize your irrigation system if you haven’t already done so. Your plants and yard won’t be getting much sun now so their need of water will be reduced. So get your system completely winterized and flushed out. At this point in the season the faster you do this the better as it will be November very soon.

3. Use Your Sprinkler System Contractor

There are many different components in the average home sprinkler set up. That means multiple water lines, different sensors, pressure gages, and other components to prepare for winter. You need to be thorough and that often means bringing in the contractor who installed the system in the first place. They will be familiar with the layout, know what areas need to be prepared for winter, and how to do it in a time efficient manner. You don’t want to be out there on your own going through this and overlook something that will disable the entire system, like a single water line that freezes. So be sure to contact them now and get them over to winterize your system. Waiting too long can spell disaster for the entire network.

4. Too Birds With One Stone

You may be someone who does all their own fall leaf clean-up and yard care. But if you don’t have the time or your property is very large with a lot of trees that lose leaves, you may consider getting this done at the later portion of the season when you have your sprinkler system winterized. This will allow you to get two things accomplished at the same time and truly prepare your home landscaping for the cold winter months.

Be sure to not delay when it comes to this sort of thing. It would be better to wish your system was active for a few late fall sunny days but that holds no water when you think of the costs to a bursting pipe. So get things going and be sure you’re system is winterized properly and soon. For the best in Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping 845-727-8815

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