Its later October and the leaves have changed colors and all but fallen from the trees as we move close and close to winter. That means less daylight later in the day, colder temperatures, and the dreaded snow and ice that will undoubtedly come along with it this year. But! It’s not too late to make one of those changes to your landscape design so you can still enjoy it outdoors this fall. Here we’ll look at the most functional landscaping updates you can make that can still be enjoyed outdoors this season.

Home Landscape Design Companies Rockland NY

Landscape Design Companies Rockland NY

1. Outdoor Fireplace & Kitchen

You may be starting smell wood fires burning more and more as the temperatures continue to drop. But those aren’t just for indoor setups, furnaces, or fireplace inserts; in fact the use of outdoor fireplaces has been steadily on the rise. The reasons they are great are many but we’ll look at the main few. Firstly, an outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy the rest of the fall and milder winter season outdoors while still saying toasty and warm. Secondly, when using them in conjunction with an outdoor kitchen or grill setup, the family and friends will love staying outside, staying warm, and helping with dinner. Thirdly, they are inexpensive and create a wonderful atmosphere to be enjoyed. Holidays don’t have to be only inside our homes. Every kid likes playing football in the yard on thanksgiving (weather permitting), and an outdoor fireplace can go a long way to making that outdoor fun keep going.

2. Walkway & Patio Updates

The holiday season is nearly here and that begins (some would say) with Halloween in a few short days. Family and friends will be coming over as we move to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and other holidays during this time period. So if a walkway or outdoor patio is in need of repair or replacement, now is the time to act. You can get great pricing quotes right now as well as paver contractors will be looking to fill contract slots before the coldest parts of the winter arrive. A great natural stone, blue stone, or other stone paver walkway from the driveway to front door, or the patio to the driveway, or any other direction or combination. They make for a great aesthetic design that is also functional. Go the next step with walkway and landscape lighting to accentuate areas of the landscaping and the path itself to kick up the mood.

3. Preparing For Winter Ice & Snow

A part of being winter prepared is thinking about the snow and ice that will follow. Having your local snow removal contractor in mind is the way to keep your commute and the kids route to school clear on your end. Getting out there and shoveling the driveway at 5am (as its rude to run snow blowers that early for your neighbors), may not be high on your “can’t wait to do” list. So getting on your snow and ice management companies route before the bad weather arrives is a smart idea. If you run a business or commercial space, this is a must to ensure you are still open for business in a safe way when bad weather strikes. Remember the cold and ice of last year? Let the professionals handle this sort of thing as our winters seem to be getting more and more brutal.

All in all, it is not too late to make some changes to your home landscaping design before the winter truly arrives. Think about the rest of the season, the holidays coming, the darker evenings, the colder weather, and make that change while there is still daylight and soft enough ground to work with. For the best in Home Landscape Design Companies Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise, right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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