An update to your home landscape design is something that should be done from the ground up. The concept is relatively simple but here we’ll take a look at the process. Looking at your home from a functional and aesthetic point of view is something that can be hard to do subjectively. We all have our own ideas about what looks good and what doesn’t and sometimes that gets in the way of knowing what we need. This process aims to eliminate that and make new larger scale projects easier to get started and accomplish.

Custom Home Landscaping Rockland NY

Custom Home Landscaping Rockland NY

Step 1 – The Drawing Board

If there is a landscaping area that is notably in need of repair, that is a great place to start. Or if you do not like how something looks and fits into the overall aesthetic of your home that is another great place to start. Head to the drawing board (with your local landscape contractor design team) and start brainstorming about what update you’d like to see. This can be done on a physical blue print but using today’s technology allows for advanced 3D rendering to be done on the computer. This way you can see what the completed work will actually look like. Its also easy to move things around and re-arrange them so you can see how things will look with different coloring or different layouts.

Step 2 – Getting Started

Through working with your contractor and playing around with different materials and layouts, you’ll then want to get started. That means pulling the trigger and getting a time frame established that the contractors will work within. Be sure that you are getting prices quoted for the work completion, not on an hourly basis as reputable companies will conduct quotes based on the entire cost of the project from the get go so there is no hidden or added on fees. You’ll want to get an idea of how long it takes for any particular job, so if the landscaping company says 2 weeks you should expect work to be completed in roughly that time frame (taking into account sometimes weather delays projects).

Step 3 – Reviewing Progress

You should ask for weekly updates if its a longer term project like a new pool installation or a new outdoor kitchen. You can visibly see it of course but its a good idea for a weekly update. You can keep an eye on how things are progressing and see how things are looking compared to the 3D rendering or blueprints. Remember however that viewing work in progress is not how it will appear when the project is completed. You also don’t want to appear like your there to observe and report on the landscape crew. If you’ve hired a reputable contractor you can rest assured things are going as planned.

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