Pavers are one of the most versatile home landscaping aspects that we can work with today. Perfect for larger scale projects like driveways, walkways, paths, patios, pool areas, retaining walls, fire pits, planters, and more; it’s no wonder there are now so many different varieties to choose from. But what is the right stone or synthetic variety should you choose? What paver will hold up the best over time through our harsh winters? These questions we’ll take a look at and more to help you make the right choice when it comes your upcoming paver project.

Paver Contractors Rockland NY

Paver Contractors Rockland NY

Different Varieties

  1. Concrete – these pavers are one of the most versatile and popular for driveways and walkways. Colors, textures, sizes, and thickness can be adjusted on a need basis making them customizable. Installation is straightforward as they can be cut at all the same lengths and widths making them easy to combine and work with. They are also very durable.
  2. Brick (Clay) – traditional and used for centuries, bricks are clay that is combined and shaped then baked in a kiln to set. Patterns can be made with laying them and also different color combos.
  3. Flagstone – this sedimentary rock is one of the most common pavers used for patio designs. They are naturally shaped and must be fit together by a skilled contractor. They are not good for heavy weight loads like driveways as they are naturally thinner, but make for great walkways and patios.
  4. Bluestone – is actually sandstone and is used in a variety of customizable ways. They are commonly used in driveways and patios, but they can also be used as gravel or left into larger slabs, or even cut into highly specific designs.
  5. Marble – historic and beautiful, marble has been used for its aesthetics and malleability for thousands of years. It is a form of limestone that has been heated and compressed through geological events. Marble makes for a great unique option.
  6. Cobblestone – can be made from a few different materials like granite, basalt, sandstone, or limestone; cobblestone has been used for centuries and is incredibly durable. It provides an “old-world” feel that cannot be replicated by other paver varieties. It requires little maintenance and are long lasting.

Coloring & Interlocking Options

It doesn’t just end in choosing a stone variety when it comes to your paver project. Pavers can also be interlocked in a number of unique and good looking varieties making them even more customizable. Designs can include zig-zags, circles, or other shapes that you should work with your paver contract to choose. Color schemes can also be utilized when it comes to your next paver project. Examples include: dark gray, multi-color, light gray, red, blue, purple, yellow, or really any other color that you’d like to see. There can also be different shades used to design patterns.

When it comes to your next large scale stone project, be sure to ask questions and plan from the ground up. For the best in Paver Contractors Rockland NY, look here at over 30 years of local expertise at Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free no obligation consultation, 845-727-8815.

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