Landscaping services go much further than simple lawn mowing, leaf clean-up, and tree & shrub maintenance. Everything from large excavation of foundation, sewer systems, retaining walls, and pathways (just to name a few) utilize large equipment and require a real plan and blueprint prior to breaking ground. Here we’ll look at the most important aspects to planning your next large scale landscape design project.

Landscaping Excavation Rockland County NY

Landscaping Excavation Rockland County NY

1. Blueprints

Having a professional team or expert help in creating a blueprint for your large scale landscaping project is a must. This requires knowledge of basic blueprint planning, but more importantly, actual on-site design with specifics of measurements and other areas of your property. Marking problem locations, or looking at different options for your project is just just one of the benefits to having a professional blueprint.

2. Reasonable Expectations

Along with planning specifics via a blueprint, discussing your options ahead of time with your family, and with contractors, will put you in a position of having reasonable and high expectations. This stage of planning allows you to look at options that are possible and others that are not possible based on a number of varying factors. Because no landscaping projects is “one size fits all”, setting lofty yet reasonable goals is important to keep you on budget and also see through the completion of your project.

3. Who To Hire

This can be the most important aspect to really consider thoroughly. Not only will hiring the best possible candidate for your project keep your costs down, but will ensure that the quality of work you can expect will be as high as you have envisioned. Getting a professional on-site to help you in the planning, drawing up blueprints, going over options regarding materials (stone varieties, expectations for work completion time frames, etc.), will keep things moving as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Ask around or search online, as not all landscape contractors will have the required equipment, expertise, and insurance coverage to complete some of the more large scale projects like excavations.

Planning an update or overhaul to your landscape design doesn’t have to be costly or too time consuming. When you’ve hired the right contractor, things can and will move forwards smoothly. For the best in Landscaping Excavation Rockland County NY, look no further than more than 25 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 848-727-8815

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