Snow continues to be an issue. From hurricanes to nor’easters and your average blizzard to be, it is important to have a plan in place for snow and ice management at your home or place of business.

Here we’ll look at some key components in choosing the right snow removal company for the job.

Snow Removal Company Rockland NY

Snow Removal Company Rockland NY

1. Certifications and Insurance

It should go without saying that any contractor you hire (for any sort of project or job) has valid and up to date insurance, and is willing to provide that information to you should you ask for it. This is not only important to protect you from liability but also ensures you’re getting services from a legitimately recognized local business. Also, snow removal can be dangerous and using large trucks and salts, so ask for winter weather clean-up certification if need be.

2. GPS Truck Fleet & Size

Today, there is no reason why a professional snow removal company should not have trucks outfitted with GPS. This not only allows them to plan their routes properly but also ensures that they are not stuck looking for your home or business during a storm, as the route will be clearly there for them to see. Also, how many trucks does a contractors have ready for winter weather? You want to hire a company that can meet your needs as well as the needs of their other clients without having to try and rush to get to everyone.

3. Experience & Service

Another key aspect to consider is the company themselves. How long have they been in business? Are they known for quality work? Can they handle even the worst of storms? All things to consider.

Any way you look at it we’re most likely in store for some unpredictable and hazardous weather this holiday and winter season. Having a professional Rockland NY snow removal company ready to go for you can solve many of the issues associated with bad winter storms. Contact Pro Cut Landscaping today for more info and route planning information. 845-727-8815

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