3 Reasons To Update Your Home Landscaping Design

March 17, 2018 10:20 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


The weather will be getting better soon and if you’re looking to make the most of this years good weather a few simple changes is a great place to start.

Landscapers New City NY

Landscapers New City NY

1. Aesthetics

A good looking home landscape is a statement. Updates with a new retaining wall or landscape lighting are some simple great looking ways to accentuate your outdoor space.

2. Hydration

Larger yards, gardens, and various plant or pool side areas may need regular watering. Utilizing an automated irrigation system is an effective way to monitor and automate water for your plants.

3. Lawn Care

If you are planning a vacation or busy throughout the summer its a great idea to work with a local lawn care expert. Mowing can be cumbersome needs to be done on an at least weekly basis. Working with a local landscaper keeps your lawn looking good in spite of a busy schedule.

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Improve Your Home Landscape Design This Spring

March 14, 2018 12:35 am
posted by procutlandscaping


With winter hanging on and still loads of snow on the grown, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider new changes to your home landscaping this year. Look at the snow covered lawn and imagine what could be come the spring and summer this year!

Home Landscape Design Warwick NY

Home Landscape Design Warwick NY

1. Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Keeping your lawn, trees, and plants hydrated is a must no matter the amount of heat in the air. With an automated home sprinkler system you can ensure that your lawn looks good and your plants are healthy no matter the weather. With timers and sensors reduce waste and keep things looking lush and hydrated.

2. Mowing Team

Depending on a few factors like your age, work schedule, health, and size of lawn you may seriously consider hiring a professional landscaping team to maintain your mowing this year. They are efficient and fast and do all of the little things right, like weed whacking edges and trimming and pruning bushes. A great option for this year.

3. Water Features

Utilizing water features is a great way to enhance an open space or just add more life to your home landscape design. For example, don’t have a pond in your backyard? Now, Koi ponds are more cost effective and exciting than ever before. No waterfalls near by? Now, a natural rock waterfall is just a consultation away, adding sound and sight to your space.

With so many options to choose from this spring in 2018, only your imagination can limit you. Be sure to do some research and ask questions if you have it, there is usually no “impossible” project, so get ambitious and make it happen this year.

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Home Spring Time Landscape Design Checklist

March 8, 2018 10:54 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Despite the cold on and off, we’re seeing signs that warmer weather is on its way and with spring just around the corner, that is something we all can welcome. If you’re a home owner or a business owner, its time to start thinking about updates to your landscape design for this spring.

Landscape Design Rockland County NY

Landscape Design Rockland County NY

1. Walk The Property

Its time to get out into the yard and see what damage the winter has done. Are any fence or gate portions in need of repair or replacement? Do you have any perennials or other plant varieties that need help? How does the lawn look, is it drained of water and snow? Any noticeable damage to any retaining walls or patio pavers on your property? Just a few things to look for.

2. Making A Plan Of Action

Here is a good place to lay out a path and outline of what project you’ll need to prioritize. For example, if a retaining wall is at risk of toppling (you may have used a under par landscaper for that installation), but that means there is opportunity for a new and improved professionally designed retaining wall. If there are major portions of grass, soil, or mulch that have moved or disappeared, that will be something to prioritize as well.

3. Hiring A Landscaper

Most larger scale projects will need the expertise and skill sets of a professional landscaping service. The right team will have all the know how and experience when it comes to making plans and then implementing those plans on schedule and within budget. Be sure you’re asking the right questions and be sure to get a free estimate for larger scale projects.

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New Landscaping Design & Water Features This Year

March 6, 2018 8:05 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Working within the boundaries of your home landscaping doesn’t need to be limiting or hindering to your design choices and considerations. So this spring consider utilizing all the space, whether a large acre plot or a small home garden space, there are many ways to make the most of a limited area. Here we’ll look at a few new design options to accentuate your homes outdoor decor.

Landscaping Companies Westchester County NY

Landscaping Companies Westchester County NY

1. Water Features & Koi Ponds

One of the best looking ways to enhance an outdoor space is through a water feature variety. Various natural stone waterfalls that recycle water, or a Koi pond with live fish variety, can truly bring a natural feel right to your home landscaping, no matter where you live.

2. Enhanced Landscape Lighting

Another way to showcase certain portions of your landscaping is with a variety of landscape lighting options. For example, if you have a flower bed or a water feature, it is a nice touch to enhance that space with lighting and spotlighting to continue enjoying its look even when the sun goes down.

3. Working With A Local Expert

Not just every landscaper has the expertise or licensing to create a water feature which utilizes the local water table and piping. This is not a project for anyone but the most seasoned professionals so be sure to do some research into the sort of landscaping company you are considering working with.

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Landscape Lighting Options This Coming Spring/Summer

February 28, 2018 8:44 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With warm weather starting to arrive, making a few changes to your home landscaping design is a wonderful way to accentuate your home’s outdoor space. With even just a few simple additions you can create a wonderful atmosphere that will be inviting to your family and to friends and neighbors.

Landscape Lighting Rockland County NY

Landscape Lighting Rockland County NY

1. Walkway and Driveway Lighting

Updating a walkway and driveway with functional and great looking lighting features is a great way to bring out paths and create a welcoming atmosphere at home. There are a few options when it comes to this sort of thing to consider from the placement of the lights as well as the type of bulb and system being used. Be sure to talk to a local expert landscaper to get the best options.

2. Spotlights

Utilizing spotlights is a nice way to bring attention and light to a particular area of the home. Whether it is the front door, back door, the deck, a garden, or the pool, using spotlights look great and can really be placed in any number of these locations.

3. Expert Landscapers

Doing this sort of work on your own isn’t impossible but it sure is time consuming and difficult. When it comes to running power lines, symmetrical placement, and so on, making sure you get in touch with some local landscaping professionals will save you the time and headache.

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Commercial & Residential Sewer Installation + Repairs

February 24, 2018 2:01 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Has your current sewer line been damaged this winter season? Looking to improve your commercial or residential landscaping with a sewer installation? Now is a great time to start considering functional changes of this nature to work towards as the weather improves.

Sewer Line Installation Rockland NY

Sewer Line Installation Rockland NY

Commercial Sewer Installation & Repairs

Ensuring your businesses location is up to date with a modern and efficient sewer system can prevent major problems down the road. From irrigation problems to backups and more, a new system or an improvement to your current sewer line is an important piece to a smoothly operated commercial location.

Residential Sewer Installation & Repairs

If your home has an outdated sewer line, it can be a cause of major concern with the increased level of moisture our area experiences from time to time. Making sure that all lines are undamaged and flowing normally is a must when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home’s landscaping.

Local Expertise & Licensing

Hiring any contractor for this sort of sewer line work is a no no. Having the proper licensing and insurance to work on our local sewer and water lines is something that is critical. Not only in terms of legality but also in terms of quality.

Its important to get estimates and suggestions from the experts for this sort of site excavation and water table projects. For the finest in Sewer Line Installation Rockland NY look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here at ProCutLandcaping.com 845-727-8815


Choosing A Commercial Landscape Contractor In 2018

February 12, 2018 11:50 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Its 2018 and improvements to your business and commercial property should be a top priority. When it is a business owners responsibility to keep everything in order, the last thing that should be a problem is the maintenance of the property and the landscaping. Here we’ll look at a few things to consider before you hire and commercial landscaping company.

Commercial Landscape Management Rockland County NY

Commercial Landscape Management Rockland County NY

1. Rates

One of the most important things to look at will of course be the cost for hiring any contractor. Depending on the size of the commercial property, lawn areas, plants, trees, and other locations that need maintenance, the costs can vary from business to business. It’s a good idea to get a few estimates for regular weekly lawn care so you can be sure you’re getting the best rates.

2. Specialties

Anyone can mow lawns and lay fertilizer, but not all landscaping companies are capable of completing specialized work when needed. Large excavation, tree care, pavers, and other masonry specializations require a greater skill set and a number of different tools and expensive machinery. Only larger more well equipped companies are capable of this sort of work and should you need anything beyond lawn care down the road it is something to keep in mind.

3. Who To Hire

There are plenty of reputable landscapers if you know where to look. Always ask questions if you have them, get estimates from more than one location, and even look for examples of current or past completed work. A good landscaper can keep things maintained and looking great in a fashion that reflects positively on your and your business so be sure to hire the right team.

With even just a few minutes of searching online or asking around you can find a great landscaping company locally. For the best in Commercial Landscape Management Rockland County NY, look no further than Pro Cut Landscaping, proudly serving the area for over 25 years and now the #1 Landscaping Team in the county.845-727-8815


Contracting Your Commercial Ice Management & Snow Removal

January 26, 2018 7:50 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


The seasons have not yet changed and we’re still experiencing dangerous snow and ice. Here are some options when it comes to commercial snow removal and ice management for your business.

Ice Removal Contractors Rockland County NY

Ice Removal Contractors Rockland County NY

1. Don’t Do It Yourself

This is an option that seems like a no brainer. It is not fun and unrealistic for business owners to do it themselves. Getting to the office or location early to then plow or lay salt is not something many of us are able to do. So don’t take this option.

2. Who To Hire

Making sure you are considering a local landscaping contractor who has a high number of trucks and who works every day of the year is a must. A pickup truck or two with a plow on it won’t do it. Be sure you’re looking at experienced snow removal teams only.

3. Getting Started

Every opportunity the weather has to make business difficult it will. It’s important to get started right away and if you haven’t mid way through winter, it’s not too late to choose a team now.

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Choosing The Best Commercial Snow Removal Contractor

January 16, 2018 5:15 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


It is 2018 and the poor weather isn’t going anywhere too fast. With more snow and ice a regular occurence with the freezing temperatures, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best snow removal contractor for your commercial business this year.

Best Commercial Snow Removal Contractors Rockland NY

Best Commercial Snow Removal Contractors Rockland NY

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Speed of Snow Clean-Up

Making sure the snow is cleared and the walkways are safe by the time your business opens is incredibly important. Not all snow management companies are equal, with smaller truck fleets and out-dated equipment, having the best can make the biggest difference in speed of clean-up.

2. Size of Fleet

This is the single biggest factor when it comes to knowing you have the right snow removal team. If the company has one or two trucks, or is even just an individual with a plow on their pickup, you can’t expect the best in snow management. How can they possibly get to you when they are still plowing someone’s driveway?

3. Time In The Area

Having a team that really knows the area well and where and how to get to places the fastest is also important. Yes we all have google maps, but when roads get bad, sometimes that isn’t enough. Look for a ice management contractor that really knows the county they work in.

For the best in Commercial Snow Removal Contractors Rockland NY, be sure to look no further than ProCutLandscaping.com and over 30 years of local expertise. With a huge modern fleet and a dedicated team who is out before the sun is up, ensure your business is safe from snow and ice each day we get bad weather. 845-727-8815


Winter Snow & Ice To Continue Through 2018

January 9, 2018 12:10 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With spring still far off we have a frigid temperatures to hold off thoughts of warm weather.  It’s time to start seriously considering your winter weather services for your home or business.

Snow Removal Rockland County NY

Snow Removal Rockland County NY

1. Ice Management

As we all know, Ice can be the most dangerous and even deadly aspect of winter weather. From slipping on sidewalks & steps to black ice on the roads, ensuring your commercial space, home, or residential area is covered with the fastest acting and longest lasting ice control possible is a must.

2. Snow Plowing

Whether for your own driveway or a commercial space, having road ways and entrances & exits clear of snow is critically important. Not only to your daily commute but also ease of access to your business. Be sure to plan ahead and hire your local snow removal company to get your route cleaned early and quickly. Nothing is worse than going outside in the pitch black and freezing cold to shovel out your driveway so you can simply get to work.

3. Winter Weather Forecasting

It’s been forecasted to be a cold and wet winter, having the fastest and most accurate to the minute forecasting is something that only the finest snow removal and ice management companies utilize. Be sure to ask about weather advisories and how quickly you can expect clean up when a storm hits.

The weather is dangerous right now. Be sure to prepare for everything that winter will throw at all of us. For the finest in Snow Removal Rockland County NY, look no further than the largest fleet in the area proudly serving the community for over 25 years, right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815