Our Process...

The act of building a custom landscape is like turning vapor into a solid. Wishes and ideas and air (quite literally) become a structure that shelters and delights. It’s part chemistry, part dream, and lots of work.

For clients that opt for our full services, this is what the process looks like. (But please know, we’re also happy to work with you in a more abbreviated capacity; we’re a nimble bunch and want you to get the landscape you want, within your budget.)

Initial Consultation

We get to know each other. What do you envision? What challenges do you have? What is important to you in the process of creating your home, and how might we fit in? You bring your thoughts, scraps and photos. We listen and ask questions. Many questions. We share examples of our projects that might be relevant or inspiring. We discuss the range of ways we might work together—design services only to full service, and talk about fees. The meeting is free, and you’re never committed to go further. If you think we’re a good match, we’ll follow up with a proposal for your review.


We build a foundation for the design. Before we begin designing, we build a foundation of knowledge and understanding. We spend time together, getting to know you and your values and aesthetics, gathering information and developing the insights from which we’ll formulate a detailed design. Before we go further, we want to be sure you’re comfortable and we’re speaking the same language.

Project Design

We translate wishes and dreams into form. The creation of the preliminary Schematic Design is one of the most important steps in our process; everything that follows depends on getting this right. So we’re thorough. We’ve analyzed the site and program. We’re also resourceful and imaginative, because we’re translating your wants and needs and our combined vision into three dimensions. At this point you’ll likely see preliminary material choices, a site design, and a budget including anticipated construction costs and design fees. We meet again. You ponder. We evolve the design accordingly. We can produce small scale project drawings all the way up to full 3D renderings. We feel that you will find our design process innovative and efficient while providing an amazing visual representation of your project.

Project Approval

Once you have had some time to process the design concept and budget and make the choice to retain our service we will take a deposit and begin ordering materials and or applying for any necessary permits. Lead times for materials will be discussed before a deposit is taken.


Unlike many other firms the owner and/or the general manager of our firm are hands on with every job we do. We are NOT the type of company who sends a crew into a project with a sketch and leaves them to the wolves. We support and manage our crews on a daily basis. We believe that you will find our hands on approach a breath of fresh air. Your property will be well managed and construction areas will be left safe and secure overnight. Upon completion of the project and punch list to your satisfaction we do expect final payment within 24 hours, unfortunately we do not offer ANY type of in house financing, however we do accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

If you think we are speaking the same language, please click below to schedule a free consultation.

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