Working with a landscaping company means doing some due diligence and vetting them properly. You wouldn’t invite total strangers to your home and property, would you? The same goes when considering who to hire for an upcoming outdoor living project. Doing even just a moment of research, or doing something as old school as picking up the phone and calling them, is something you should consider a must before starting any new work. Let’s take a look at a simple checklist to go over before signing anything or giving your payment details.

Landscaping Construction Contractor Checklist

Find the Best Landscape Construction Company in Rockland NY

Best Landscape Construction Company in Rockland NY

When considering your local landscaping company options, you can build from a few pillars or basic requirements. Our recommended checklist includes the following:

  • Time in business. You should look for a minimum of 5 years and a clean track record for any outdoor living project company you hire.
  • Staff / Employee / Company Size. This matters because you want to ensure the company can handle the project. If they have only four members, they’re not likely going to be the right fit for an in-ground pool installation.
  • Portfolio of similar completed projects. If you want something like a poolside cabana house built, you should find out if the contractor has done this kind of work. Or, if it’s a pool requiring electric and water connections, can they handle that in-house? Or do you have to contract out for utilities? Look for examples of work similar to the project you’re looking to have done.

Operational Considerations

  • Material sourcing & quality. When having a patio installed with paver stones, the variety and quality of the paver blocks will make a huge difference in the cost and longevity of the completed patio. You should be sure the contractor has options that are high quality and fall within your budget framework. If the quality is too cheap, it won’t last; if it’s too expensive, you won’t have the budget. So finding that sweet spot is a must.
  • Cost considerations & financing. Finally, the cost and what you can expect to pay, and if financing is offered, is a must. We always want to be sure we’re getting a fair value when paying for these kinds of projects, and two different contractors may have very different costs for the same work. Be sure to get a few quotes or understand the expected average in your local area for a specific project.
  • Ask questions! Most important is to have an honest discussion with the contractor, get an on-site (if possible) viewing of the landscape, and do a walkthrough of the property. Pick their brains. Do you have concerns or questions? Ask them.

There may be other considerations to keep in mind. If you have friends or neighbors who have had similar projects completed, what problems or unexpected costs did they encounter? How did it go? What are you not thinking about, if anything? 

Hire the Right Landscaping Construction Company

We’ve reviewed a few staple tenants to ensure you’re hiring the Best Landscape Construction Company in Rockland NY. You know how to find one, so now just get out there.

We’ve proudly served the area for over 30 years. We live right here, and we are your neighbors. Don’t hire a big box store for this kind of work. We’re local and live right here. You are a real person with a real family, not some anonymous client number.

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