Retaining walls are one of the most essential yet complicated pieces of outdoor landscaping construction that homeowners consider year over year. These walls prevent severe water erosion and can make for a more natural property line or trim to places like an outdoor fireplace. If you are building a new home or your existing retaining wall is in poor shape, it may be time for an upgrade. 

Considering Various Retaining Wall Designs

Shapes can be customized like this Rounded Retaining Wall.

Rounded Retaining Wall

You should consider a few different options based on various factors. No two properties or projects are the same, so discuss your desires and choices within your budget with the contractor who will build it. Variables for a retaining wall include:

  • Size of the desired wall
  • location of the wall 
  • rain and water paths around and through the property
  • angle or slant of the property
  • purpose of the wall (outdoor kitchen, fireplace, property line, aesthetic fence, etc.)
  • desired materials and stones for the wall
  • your budget

As you can see, there are several factors to go over when planning a home retaining wall construction. 

Choosing Stone Varieties

The materials you consider for this project will matter in various ways. First, do you have a specific aesthetic you’re going for? Seen backyard walls around the neighborhood that you appreciate? What stones did they use? Not only fabricated paver walls can be considered, but you can also consider natural stone, brick, or other materials. Costs will vary for each, and some may not be possible for a retaining wall, so discuss this with your contractor. 

Knowing the aesthetic you’re going for? Are these are stand-alone structures or part of a whole like an outdoor patio may change what stone you choose. Different materials have varying costs and labor required to build, so this will be reflected in the overall budget of the construction project. 

Hiring the Right Construction Team

A retaining wall design and installation is not a simple landscaping item like mowing a lawn or redoing the mulch. It takes skilled labor with quality materials to stand the test of time. Not to mention the significantly varying weather we experience through all four seasons. A build must handle extreme heat and humidity, the frigid and dry cold, hurricanes, and more. Natural stone is good as it comes from mother nature, but fabricated stones exist to withstand 30+ years in all weather types. 

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