Getting a new pool and patio built at home is exciting. After you’ve picked out a pool design, color of patio pavers, and chosen a modernized pool automation system; it’s time to break ground and get the project underway. But first, there are a few things that must take place before any work can begin.

Getting a Building Permit is Legally Required

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Best Patio Contractors Rockland NY

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be shocked to learn how many homeowners begin a project without the proper permits, documentation, and insurance. This is a big no-no and can set your project back, not to mention the fines you’d be required to pay should you or your contractor fail to proceed properly. To apply for a pool installation permit, all municipalities in the region require a current survey of the property. They will update the file and calculations including what is known as “Impervious Coverage”. This is a term used to describe the amount of your property covered with pavement, structures, or anything else that prevents rainwater from entering the ground within the space it occupies.

What happens if you’re within the allowable coverage currently but a new pool and patio will put you over the impervious coverage area? You may be thinking the project is a no-go or must head back to the drawing board but that isn’t the case. There are a few options your local pool installation contractor can employ to keep the project on track:

  1. Use permeable pavers with an engineered design that allows water to pass through them directly, unlike traditional paver stones. This prevents the pavers from impeding the water flow into the ground, therefore, preventing flood or problematic water retention on your property.
  2. Install an engineered CULTEC underground stormwater recharging system that diverts water shed-off away from the new patio. This allows you to regain or increase your Impervious Coverage area credit on your survey, allowing the pool and patio installation to continue.
  3. Install a drainage system from the downspouts of your home. This will increase the Impervious Coverage credit for the square footage of your roof (some municipalities do not allow this water variance due to current maximum coverage laws, so contact us to see if yours does).

Hiring the Right Pool & Patio Installation Contractor

For this sort of large-scale project, you want to be sure you’re working with a well-qualified local contractor. Do they have the proper insurance? Certifications working with water tables? Experience in the area and particular pool installations? How many projects like this have they completed in the past year? How quickly can they go out to you to conduct the land survey and discuss your budgeting and time frames? These are some basic questions you want to go through with any prospective contractor.

We can immediately assess these types of situations on a case by case basis. This allows us to ensure your project moves forwards on time and within your budget. We work very closely with licensed professional engineers who see to it there are no hold-ups when it comes to permit applications and required inspections.

Do Not Try to Cut Corners!

There is no way around it, if you are considering a project of this kind you must comply with local municipal laws. Failure to do so can set your project back by weeks or months and require you to pay substantia fines in the process. This sort of work should be exciting and not something you dread. Be sure to ask questions and get a few quotes, you’ll be happy you did.

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