Springtime is here, which means the start of home improvement projects across the tri-state area. The sun is out a little longer every day until June 21st, and if you haven’t hit the drawing board for this year’s outdoor landscape design update, it’s probably time. Let’s take a look at different paver patio options and how they’re used for different projects and areas of your outdoor living space. 

Nicolock® Paving Stones are the Paver of Choice

Using Nicolock pavers for a beautiful driveway design

Beautiful Driveway w/ Nicolock Paver Stones

Installing a new patio or removing the old one to make way for the new one is a big project that adds a good amount of usable outdoor space to your landscape design. Patios can come in all different shapes and sizes but run the risk of weathering erosion and even discoloration through the years. Unless you’re using Nicolock paving stones!

There are a few clear benefits to using Nicolock pavers over other patio stone varieties:

  • Affordability: Nicolock paver slabs are a cost-effective and great-looking functional option for your outdoor patio. They look great in all-weather. 
  • Durability: Nicolock is famous for having long-lasting paver stones that don’t fade or get stained over time. The color adds to the appeal and prevents fading due to weather-caused erosion.
  • Best Looking: there are competitor paver slabs that try to mimic the look and feel of patented Nicolock stones, but they don’t do the job. The patented Paver-Shield™ ensures a long-lasting and geat-looking project to stand the test of time. 
  • Design Choices: Nicolocks stones offer more variety. Not all patios are created equal and with Nicolock pavers you can get creative on the design. Interlocking patterns, crisscrossed, and many other design choices are possible with Nicolocks because of how well they fit together in various patterns. No two patios should be the same.
  • Planet-Friendly: Nicolock offers a few permeable paving stones to use that are eco-friendly. This means water won’t puddle up. Nicolock pavers are manufactured from natural stone, not synthetic or plastic materials.
  • Property Value: there is an average ROI (return on investment) of over 75% when using Nicolock pavers. This means that your home’s value increases after installing a Nicolock patio or pool area. 
  • Warranty: no project is complete without a solid warranty period. Nicolocks have a lifetime warranty guarantee, something the competitors do not. 

Outdoor Living Spaces Increased with Paver Projects

Spending time outside isn’t something we can do all year here in lower New York state. It gets downright bitter cold for a good portion of the year, and the “milder” fall and spring can be cold on their own. When the cold weather finally breaks, it is time to make the most of it. That means getting outside. Installing a patio allows you to have a usable outdoor space that you can enjoy in the warm weather. Want to spend even more time outside? Consider an outdoor kitchen and fireplace to use your patio for more than just sitting. 

Enjoy the sun with an outdoor patio furniture set and make sure you’re out there when we have this warm weather!

Finding a Patio Contractor in Rockland County NY

Look for a well-qualified and experienced patio paver company here in the area. If they do not offer Nicolock paving stones, look elsewhere. Here at Pro Cut Landscaping, we are proud to offer a variety of Nicolock pavers to suit your home’s outdoor living aesthetic. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your project, budget, and time frames for work completion. Financing is available. 

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