If you are a homeowner, or in the market to buy a home, knowing how structurally sound a property’s sewer system is should be something to look into. Depending on the age and materials used to build the sewer lines, you could have a long runway or be looking at repairs or replacements soon. If you are about to move into a new home and it has a damaged old sewer line, this could be a major expense right away you weren’t counting on. Let’s take a look at some basics on understanding sewer systems.

When does a Home Sewer System Need to be Replaced?

A failing sewer leads to flooding and requires Sewer System Repairs

Sewer System Repairs Rockland NY

You should have an easy enough time finding out how old your sewer lines are based on documentation from the town and your property. If you are experiencing persistent problems and drainage issues at your home there could be a major sewer pipe problem waiting below the surface. Age alone is a big piece but not the only thing to consider.

Sewer System Old Age

Water mains and sewage pipes usually fail more quickly with old age than other areas of a system. If you don’t know the exact age of your pipes consider when the home was built. Was the home built more than 50 years ago? If so, the pipes are likely that old or older as well are more likely to need a full replacement.

Consistent Long-Term Problems

If you’re having plumbing and drainage issues on a regular basis (with or without inclement weather), you likely have old or damaged sewer pipes that need to be repaired or replaced. If this happens again and again you know there is some weakness or damage in the system that needs repair. On the other hand, if you have a new acute drainage problem stemming from a storm, a fix or unclogging the pipes may do it and you won’t require a major repair job.

Clogs & Bad Water Pressure

Toilets that overflow seemingly for no reason or drains that won’t drain properly are usually caused by blockages from common household items (toilet paper, garbage, paper towels, etc). If you’re getting clogs but not flushing anything that could be problematic it could be signs of a more serious system-wide issue. Also, water pressure could be a sign. If you’re getting reduced or weak water pressure, there is likely a problem with your sewer lines or piping to and from the water table.

Trees with Large Root Systems

Problems can arise from trees on your property that have had time to grow and spread their roots out for many years. Tree roots, though slow-growing, are incredibly strong and can bend, break, or puncture sewer pipes. Properties with lots of trees may be more likely to run into sewer line damage due to root encroachment on the system.

Protect Your Sewer Lines

Luckily there are some clear ways you can help prevent this sort of costly damage from occurring.

  1. Get your sewer line professionally inspected every year. Confirming your sewage system and water lines are in proper working order, hire a professional local sewer system contractor to inspect the system on a yearly basis. With fiber optic cameras they can snake through the system to determine if and where any issues have arisen. This will save major expense if they find a minor problem and fix it before it becomes a major sewer catastrophe.
  2. Eliminate trees that damage sewer lines. Cutting down trees should never be your first option but sometimes we don’t have a choice. Taking down a few trees to prevent the roots from further damaging your sewer system is critical in preventing major damage to the system. Small trees given enough time can become behemoths and squeeze right through piping.

Leave Sewer Systems to the Experts

Repairing a sewer line isn’t something we can easily do on our own. Knowing how to work with water systems and water-table-connected piping can be dangerous and requires specific licenses and experience. You can’t just start digging in your backyard with a backhoe without a building inspector and some proper insurance. Be sure you’re getting qualified help with any sewer system project you’re considering.

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