Spending time outdoors is more important than ever. With our fast-paced lifestyle full of computer screens and sitting at desks, it’s easy to forget how important being outdoors is for your physical and mental wellbeing. Winter is here but the days are getting longer and that means spring isn’t too far away so it’s time to start thinking about updating your home’s outdoor living spaces. There are tons of choices to consider and here we’ll look at the most popular and the most useful upgrades to your home landscape design.

#1 New Pool Installations in High Demand

An outdoor living space built by our team in Rockland NY with a new pool installation.

Outdoor Living Contractors in Rockland NY

Pools are in higher demand than ever before. Maybe that is due to a change in current and future travel plans caused by the pandemic. Or maybe it’s due to something else like a desire to spend more time together outside during the spring and summer at home. Whatever the reason people want a pool at their home the fact is that there is a higher demand for in-ground and above-ground pools than ever before. Last year this meant long wait times and many homeowners who wanted to have a pool built couldn’t because there simply weren’t enough contractors available.

We expect the same if not more demand for pools this year so that means getting the ball rolling now before the spring is here. Planning with your pool construction contractor is a must, so you should be asking a few key questions:

  • Does the contractor provide a full build from breaking ground to the installation of water, electricity, and additional structures?
  • Does your contractor handle building permits, site surveys, inspections, and area coverage adjustments?
  • What is the contractor’s scheduling like? Can you get work started right away or is there a waiting list?
  • How do costs and time frames for work completion compare to that of their competitors?
  • What about quality and customer satisfaction? Are you confident in this pool contractor‘s ability to meet and exceed your standards?

Undoubtedly there are more questions you’ll want to ask. Pools are not small projects to the more you understand what is and will happen in the process the better. Start the conversation now so you’re not waiting months for the ground to be broken on your new pool.

#2 Outdoor Living Features Add to the Fun

A new pool is great fun for the entire family, but there are more ideas to consider when enhancing the space. Enjoying the pool? The kids are having fun? What about grilling and eating outside when playtime is over? There are loads of outdoor living structures to consider which add enjoyment and property value. Here is just a shortlist:

Being outdoors with family and friends in the good weather is something we can all enjoy. Enhance that time together with a few outdoor living additions and your backyard can become the spot for a stay-at-home vacation (“staycation”).

#3 Reasons to Not Delay the Process

If last year showed us anything about supply chains, costs, and scheduling; this year will likely be more of the same. There are loads of reasons to not delay starting the process and hitting the drawing board. Outdoor living spaces require some forethought and planning to go smoothly. You should get in touch with a few local contractors for planning and quote information. Depending on the scope of work you’re having done they may be more qualified or less qualified.

  • Does the contractor install pools but also the electricity and water lines?
  • Does the contractor work with gas lines and other utilities when installing an outdoor kitchen?
  • Does the contractor handle site surveys, inspections, permits, and all other aspects of keeping the construction legal?
  • Have they been in business for a while?
  • Can you see some examples of past work?

These are just a few simple questions you should be considering before hiring any company.

Outdoor Living Contractors in Rockland NY

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