So you’ve decided it’s time to install an inground swimming pool! You’ve made your pick on the variety of pool you’re going with, the color of the tile, and the lighting variety for the cabana. But how do you turn these ideas and dreams into a reality the whole family can enjoy? Before any contractor you’re considering can break ground and begin work you’ll need a professional engineer to draw up the plans for the project. This is so that you can get a proper building permit. Without a building permit, you cannot legally begin work and could face some steep fines if work begins without this step.

Building Permits are Required for Pool Installations

Pool Installation Contractor Near Me here in Rockland County NY

Pool Installation Contractor Near Me

Is the pool installation contractor you’re going to hire handling this as part of the scope of their work? If the contractor is handling the building permit, did they remember to include the additional patio space and other elements into the equation? They will need to let the surveyor or engineer know all aspects of the pool and pool area build so they’re properly presented on blueprint documents. Are you adding a retaining wall to the pool area that will require a permit? Are you erecting a cabana, pavilion, or pergola house? These are all critical details that need to be addressed to proceed legally, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Pro Cut Landscaping & Construction takes care of every step of the process, including the logistics and legal building requirements.

Engineering Plans & Efficiency

A high-quality pool installation contractor will put together an engineering plan including more than just the swimming pool. Additions to your pool may include:

  • Patios
  • Pergola House
  • Pavillion
  • Cabana
  • Bar Area
  • Pool House
  • Shower Area
  • Hot Tub or Kids Pool
  • Retaining Wall
  • Other Elements

If you’re planning on having the in-ground pool installed first and the other additions completed in the next few years, it’s a smart idea to have them drawn into the engineering plans from the start. This ensures you don’t have to get these drawn up at additional cost later on. It also allows you to avoid unforeseen costs and complications later. This is because any problems will be addressed by the inspector at the time of initial permit submission.

Is your Pool Contractor and Outdoor Kitchen Building the Same?

Both a pool and an outdoor kitchen will require electricity, water, and gas connections for the appliances including:

  • Pool heater
  • BBQ’s & Grills
  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators
  • etc

Is electric and plumbing part of the scope of work your contractor can and will do? If the contractor wrote in “plumbing and electric not included” on your price quote you may want to consider a different team entirely. All of Pro Cut Landscaping’s builds include full plumbing and electric services. We will also take care of all the permits and necessary inspections. Dealing with utility companies can be a nightmare and can also cause significant delays. If permits are not in place at the precise time they are needed before serious excavation begins it is a problem. We handle this and every aspect of the project so you don’t have to.

Hiring a Pool Installation Contractor Near Me

You want to be sure you’re working with a well-qualified, licensed, and insured local contractor. As we’ve gone over having things started and completed requires going through project line items in a focused manner. From the blueprints to permits and licensing, you can count on Pro Cut Landscaping and Construction to complete your in-ground pool project.

Pools are more popular than ever so be sure to schedule your consultation now, so construction can begin.



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