Shoveling your driveway is one thing but trying to shovel out your commercial space is entirely different. Have a store or business with a parking lot, walkways, paths, and entrances to and from the main road? What is your plan when there is a snow & ice storm that hits the area? Leave everyone working from home is an idea, but what if you run a pediatric doctor’s office or a grocery store? Not likely you’ll be closing your doors anytime soon due to bad weather when there are patients in need. 

You need more than a shovel for Rockland NY Commercial Snow Removal

Rockland NY Commercial Snow Removal

So, what is your plan of action when a blizzard is due to arrive? What about an inch of snow? What about black ice and wind? Do you have a game plan? Who will be there for you to get your operation up and running no matter the weather? 

Commercial Ice Management Requires Commercial Capability

Snow & ice removal contractors are where you want to be sourcing your team of dedicated snow saviors. But not all the contractors doing this sort of work in Rockland County NY are prepared for the worst that winter weather can bring. Consider last year in 2020, how many storms did we have that qualified as blizzards? More than 5 and that means feet, not inches, of snow on a regularly consistent basis. 

Kids were mostly learning from home last year so getting them to and from the schools wasn’t a major issue. But what about all those businesses, bus depots, railways, hospitals, doctors, dentists, therapists, and more who require in-person visits? It was paramount to clear the roads, parking lots, and paths to and from doors safely and effectively. 

If you think hiring a small-scale local contractor with a single pick-up truck plow and two guys with shovels, think again. They will not be able to provide adequate snow and ice clearing in a timely matter. How can a small team get to you and all their other clients before the day is over? Not easily. So, hiring a commercial-scale snow removal contractor will be your only chance to get this done right. 

Plan for More Snow, Not Less this Year

If history has taught us anything regarding inclement weather, it is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you are prepared for the worst possible winter weather, you’ll be ready when it arrives. Or, you’ll be over-prepared and that means anything less than a blizzard will be a piece of cake for the snow fleet you’ve hired. Being underprepared can spell disaster to businesses and commercial properties for a few reasons:

  • The inability of customers and patients to access the business or care facility
  • Dangers of trying to drive and park in an unclear lot are serious
  • Being forced to close or not open at all due to unsafe conditions will hurt your business
  • Customers and patients may look for a more viable solution for their needs
  • If you can’t open you can’t operate
  • Not all businesses can operate remotely so that means getting employees and patrons into the location
  • and more

The “experts” will make predictions about the weather and supposedly they say it will be a cold and wet winter. But only time will tell if this is the case and being ready for this eventuality is important to keeping your doors open. No matter how the weather turns out this winter season. 

Pro Cut’s Snow Fleet is Bigger, Better, and Newer

We’ve made some additions to our snow & ice management fleet since last year. Last year showed us that we were prepared for the worst winter brought to the table, but it also showed us we needed to grow our fleet. We’ve added several new trucks, new plows, and salting machines that are poised and ready to get your Rockland NY Commercial Snow Removal in place. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss your options, ideally before a blizzard arrives!


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