Hurricane Ida revealed a lot. Whether we are talking about homeowners or large residential buildings, water damage due to old and damaged sewer lines was extensive throughout the region. Estimates on the cost to homeowners are still going on but initial figures suggest upwards of $10 billion in damages to lower state NY residents. 

If you experienced problems related to damaged sewer lines such as flooding, it is time to remedy them. Hurricane season runs through November, are you prepared for another record rainfall?

Record Rainfall Figures are Breaking Consistently

Record rainfall is getting more common find Sewer System Repair in Rockland NY

Sewer System Repair in Rockland NY

Hurricane Henri came and dropped record rainfall, it was even dubbed a “once in a lifetime storm”. Until it wasn’t! Within 2 weeks we had Ida on our doorstep and Henri’s “record” rainfall was doubled in a space of a few short hours. Homeowners saw flooding like they never previously experienced, even during Hurricane Sandy. NYC was a veritable mess plus several people lost their lives to the water.

The vast majority of homeowners with basements, or those living in 1st-floor apartments, experienced the bulk of the water damage. There is a silver lining to all of this though it may be hard to realize when you’ve bought an industrial dehumidifier for your basement. For instance, leaks and cracks that were exposed during the storm can be repaired to prevent the same water mess in the future. 

Damaged Sewers Can be Fixed and Replaced

If Ida revealed problem areas in your home or commercial water systems, have no fear. You can contact a qualified sewer system contractor in the area and have them conduct a complete home sewer inspection. You may notice some problem flooding areas on your lawn or basement, but where did the damage arise? Considering how water moves and flows a major flood zone in your basement could have damaged pipes that may not be where you think.

A damaged sewer drain at your property line could lead water towards your home and basement while the piping closer to your home is still intact. This is why a professional sewer system inspection is a must before the next big storm hits.

Hurricane Season is Longer and More Dangerous than Ever

As we’ve seen from this year, the amount of named storms with the potential to wreak havoc wherever they hit is only getting worse. Whether it’s climate change, natural global cycles, magnetic shifts in the polls, or something else; is beside the point to homeowners looking at huge water damage bills and insurance claims right now.

The point is that if Ida was bad, think of a worse storm, or a higher number of large rainfall storms every single hurricane season. The cost down the road to not get your system inspected and repaired could dwarf what you’ve paid up to this point for repairs.

Qualified Sewer System Repairs 

Finding a qualified Sewer System Repair in Rockland NY shouldn’t be a headache. Look for a contractor with experience and the correct licensing + insurance to work with sewer lines and the water table. We’ve proudly served the lower NY region for over 30 years, give us a call today and have your system inspected.



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