Hurricane season is still underway and we’ve already been pounded with record rain two times within 4 weeks. Images and videos of water damage and backed-up sewer lines flooded the news and internet following the storm. It was a bad storm and people lost their lives and the damage to apartments and properties was extensive due to all the water.

  • Did the storm expose some flaws in your sewer line? 
  • Did the incredible amount of water cause damage to your sewer line? 
  • Experience flooding in your yard or home landscaping due to sewer line issues caused by flooding? 
  • Have a licensed and insured sewer repair company here in Rockland county you trust to fix the damage?

Sewer repair is a messy business and can be very dangerous. Let’s see why. 

Sewer Repair Requires Special Licenses and Expertise

24 Hour Sewer Repair Rockland County NY

24 Hour Sewer Repair Rockland County NY

Sewer line and water line construction and repair are complicated jobs that not just any contractor can undertake. First of all, to work on sewers connected to the local water table, you must carry specific licenses, permits, and insurance. This is because untrained or illegal repair operations are prone to causing further damage or accidental exposure of chemicals into the water table. 

Because any chemicals used will inevitably find their way through the ground and back to the local water table, working with sewer lines is highly specialized work. Consider dangers like exposed electrical lines and sewage which can all be connected to the systems as well. Damaging a water line is a problem, but damaging a sewage line on your home property can be downright disastrous.

Sewers are Important but Gross

Let’s face it, sewer lines are an essential part of the infrastructure on every level from the home up to public transit. Sewers bring water for drinking, cooking, showering, and cleaning; while also taking away dirty water, oils, chemicals, sewage, and more. Conducting repairs or updates to any sewer line is dangerous and can be filthy. 

Outdated Sewers Will Break Down

Older sewer systems are prone to be weathered and damaged over time. Every year the level of water and sewage they carry increases and this means wear and tear over time. Modern sewer systems are built to last far longer than those made before 2000. This is because the materials used to create high-volume sewers today are far superior and long-lasting than those of a few decades ago.

Fixes are Temporary and Short-Lived

Getting your sewer repaired regularly has multiple drawbacks.

  • It is a temporary solution to an underlying problem
  • Very expensive year after year

A complete sewer line replacement and modernization will save a ton on expenses in the long run. Calling a qualified home sewer repair technician doesn’t have to be overwhelming cost-prohibitive either.

24 Hour Sewer Repair Rockland County NY

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