We’ve had some nice and hot weather this summer. As the days start to get shorter and the air temperature shifts from hot and humid to cold and dry, you still have time to finish any landscaping projects left undone. Was there something on your list that got lost in the “go go go” of the short summer season? Maybe it was a new smart sprinkler system or a new pool installation. Maybe it was something as simple as new mulch and trees to line your yard. Let’s see how your landscape design can finish summer with a bang.

Summer & Fall Use Cases

Beautiful landscape fencing at a home in Rockland NY

Landscape Fencing Rockland NY

Outdoor kitchens are one of the best ways to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and all of fall. With a fire pit or fireplace, you can be outside in all seasons. If you haven’t been able to get that pool installed this year or opted to wait, an outdoor kitchen could be the project you prefer today. Spending time outside is important considering the cold months we have each year. Finishing as much time outside in the last weeks of summer can be a great way to round out the season. An outdoor kitchen makes for more opportunities to be outside with friends and family. 

Outdoor kitchens offer:

  • a great hang out spot for the entire family
  • opportunity to spend time outside while cooking
  • grilling and making cocktails during the day or at sunset
  • keep the mess of dinner outside
  • a fun space for family and friends
  • a place to watch the kids play outside while preparing a meal

They are a landscape design upgrade you can use all year (or nearly) and use every year. 

Outdoor Fireplace Options for All Seasons

If you’ve held off on a landscape design project until now, maybe you want to consider one that will also be usable in the fall, spring, and even winter. What could be all seasons in terms of landscaping here in lower New York? Not a pool, no, but an outdoor fireplace and patio could be that perfect fit. 

Outdoor patio pavers make for a beautiful-looking functional area in your landscape design. Think of a walkway or path you have to your existing pool or backyard area, or it can be a new area entirely you’ve been envisioning. The point is that an outdoor fireplace makes for a usable outdoor space even in the fall and winter. Consider an afternoon of shoveling snow to enjoy hot cocoa outside by the fire to enjoy the sites and beautiful white of the snow. 

But fall is where an outdoor patio can shine. Just as the temperature turns cold (but not freezing enough to flee the outdoors entirely) an outdoor fire pit or fireplace lets you be outside. If it is a brick oven variety of fireplace you can bake bread, pizza, pastries, and more while being outside. 

Custom Fencing your Property Line

A custom outdoor fence is another great option to consider for your home landscaping. They look great, separate property lines, and can keep your dogs in the yard if you have them. Depending on your acreage this can be a smaller or large project and looks great when done right. Options to consider include:

  • custom fence design
  • wood, bricks, and rock varieties
  • PVC & vinyl or chain-link fences
  • pool fence regulations & aluminum arbor fences
  • various color scheme options depending on the material use and finish
  • horse, donkey, or other animal fencing areas
  • chicken coups, and more

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