Things are looking a little different this summer compared to last year at the same time. But not everyone is ready to travel just yet and that can mean spending another summer at home. Have no fear! Your new pool is the ideal family staycation spot and offers a slew of other additional benefits. 

Vacationing in Your Backyard

Pool Construction Company Rockland NY

Pool Construction Company Rockland NY

There are loads of reasons to consider new pool construction at your home and one of those big ones is enjoying the warm weather from the comfort of your own home. It makes a lot of things much easier when it comes to planning a vacation and budget. No need for plane tickets, hotel rooms, Airbnb’s, luggage, fuel, or anything else that goes with a traditional travel-focused family vacation. Think about it, a new pool is an investment, whereas a traveling vacation is fun and a great time but it does not return any value once the vacation is over and the photos have been posted to Instagram.

While some folks can’t wait to travel, many families aren’t rushing to the airport anytime soon, as vaccines are still unavailable for younger children due to a lack of research. Planning around everyone getting vaccines is very difficult and some foreign countries still require a 14-day quarantine, even for those vaccinated. That means you’d have to stay with your kids in a hotel room for 14 days without leaving, that doesn’t sound like much fun! 

Choosing a Pool Style and Variety

Pools come in all different shapes and sizes. From standard round above ground to rectangular in-ground, to all manner of custom designs and shapes; so you should consider a few key factors when choosing the right pool for your property and family. 

  1. Consider your budget range. This will determine what pools you should be looking at and their variety. In-ground pools are larger and hold more water so they require larger filtration systems, so this will increase your costs. You should talk with your spouse or partner and even your financial adviser about what you should be looking to spend. 
  2. Consider your space. If you don’t have the room for a lap pool talk with a building inspector to get measurements on where a pool would be able to be constructed. 
  3. Consider how you and the family will use the pool. If you have children and they play with friends a lot you may consider a water slide, diving board, or other fun water feature. What about a kitty pool addition or hot tub? 
  4. Poolside landscaping and picnic area? The area around your pool should also be considered as you’ll likely be spending a lot of quality time out there in the sun. 

Get Started the Demand is Higher than Ever

Want your new pool done by the end of the month? You may be hard-pressed to schedule a new pool construction right now as demand for pools is higher than ever before in history due to the increased savings rate and the fact people are staying home. You hear of chlorine prices skyrocketing and lumber and other materials, so if you’re serious about a new pool construction for your home landscape design you really should get started right now. Get on the phone and talk with a local Pool Construction Company to get a quote and compare some examples of work they’ve completed.

You can choose from a large range of designs but the pool will only be as good as the contractors you hire to build it. Do not cut corners here or your new pool could become a liability. 

Increase Your Homes Property Value

A new pool does more than provide a great vacation and party spot, it also increases the property value of your home. This means that you’ll get a return on your investment beyond the enjoyment of you, your spouse, and your children. But only if you get it built! Property values are at or near all-time highs because of the exodus from metro areas to the suburbs and that same shift has lead to a huge increase in demand for pools. Most pool constructions add between 5-10% of property value to your home depending on the variety of the pool and the costs for construction. So considering those figures it’s clear to see why homeowners would build a pool beyond the enjoyment

Find the Right Local Pool Contractor

Not all construction companies have the right staff, experience, equipment, or even licensing to build a new pool. So you should be looking for a well-established company that offers a wide range of pool designs and has been operating in the area for more than a few years.

For the best Pool Construction Company Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise in all things landscaping and construction right here at Pro Cut Landscaping.



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