Summer is upon us and whether we want to think about it or not the days are starting to get shorter, minute by minute, day after day until we hit fall! So making the most of the daylight isn’t just something to talk about, it’s something to get out there and do every day you can. Some of us may be traveling again this summer but not all of us and that means preparing your home landscaping design for some functional staycation updates the whole family can get behind. 

Let’s take a look at a few tips to making your home the ideal stay-at-home vacation spot. 

Ask the Family for their Opinions

Landscape Construction Rockland NY

Landscape Construction Rockland NY

It is a good place to start by asking your spouse and children what they think would make staying home this summer not only bearable but fun as can be. You’ll likely get some suggestions of various pools, outdoor kitchens, a new patio, fencing, a multi-sport court, and more. Ask your kids which of their friends has the best backyard and see what are the main highlights. Let’s take a look at some likely options you’ll be considering.

New Pool or a Pool Makeover

One of the best ways to make your home seem like a great vacation spot is with an inground or above-ground pool in the backyard. Nothing can keep the kids busier, burning energy, and out of the house than a fun pool area. Sure, supervision is required for younger kids or those who aren’t strong swimmers, but you’ll get the enjoy the pool right along with your kids. It makes for a great way to bond over the summer even if you don’t go traveling at all. The right pool can make your kids the neighborhood “cool” kids everyone wants to be friends with. We all remember growing up and having that friend whose house was just amazing, that can be you!

Demand is near all-time-highs so getting a pool made right now is tough so be sure you’re getting on the phone and schedule something right away. 

Multi-Sport Court Options & Value

Adding a basketball or tennis court to your home landscaping surely isn’t for everyone. But if you have space, the budget, and very athletic children (or are very athletic yourself), having a multi-sport court installed can be a life-changer. No longer will your kids have to shoot hoops in the street with the cheap wheeled out a basketball hoop. That is dangerous and unsightly in front of your home. You don’t want your kids dodging cars in the street to play ball so a sports court could be the right fit.

Consider the option to get your kids interested in sports and athletics from a young age. Many of the greatest athletes and Tennis champions had parents who played and trained them from an early age. Now we’re not saying force your kids into training hard every day when they are 5 years old, but if you’re out there playing with friends or your spouse your kids will become interested just to join in. Tennis makes for a great lifelong family game. 

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

To bring it all together after a long day of swimming and tennis, how about an outdoor meal with the entire family? Nothing puts a bow on a great summer day at home than eating barbecued ribs and veggies as a family. Then everyone is off to bed! 

An outdoor fireplace is something you can and will use in all seasons. It provides light and keeps the bugs away at night while letting you continue enjoying the outdoors during the fall and winter. This became incredibly popular last year as everyone was at home and still wanting to meet friends and family but outdoors, even in the cold. An outdoor fireplace gives you access to the outdoors all year and that is a huge bonus. 

Hiring a Local Construction Contractor 

This is where you can make or break this entire project. Going with a construction company that has a limited size or who hasn’t been doing this sort of work for long can be a major problem. They are specific licenses required to even begin a project like this so be sure you’re going only with a well-established and well-qualified Landscape Construction Rockland NY.

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