Spending time outdoors at home with the family is an American past time. But some homeowners are more prepared for enjoying company outdoors with some aesthetically pleasing and functional additions to their home landscaping. This can cover a wide range of different items, but here we’ll look at outdoor structures and how they can really bring a home landscape design together.

What is an Outdoor Structure?

Outdoor Structures

Custom Outdoor Structures Rockland NY

An outdoor structure is any stand-alone structure which usually includes a covering or roof protecting folks inside from intense sun and rain. There are many different varieties of outdoor structures and you’re probably already familiar with some of them. Homeowners can choose from a huge number of materials, designs, accessories, and additional customizations to consider.

Here is a list of the most common home landscaping outdoor structures:

You are probably familiar with some or most of these and they can really make a great addition to an outdoor living space. Let’s look at a case study.

Case Study: Family Pool House

Since the arrival of the pandemic, people have all but stopped traveling and have opted spent their summer vacations at home (aka. “staycation”). Let’s look at the Robinsons who had a new pool installed last year. They had planned a trip to Costa Rica this summer, but it was cancelled, and the Robinsons used the returned costs of flights and hotels towards a new family pool house.

Upon it’s completion the pool house became the hang out spot for the family, friends, and neighbors (all with social distancing protocols). The pool house became a cocktail bar for the adults, and hang out spot for the kids, and a refuge from the sun for everyone.

After just a few days of the pool house construction being completed, the kids completely forgot about their cancelled trip to Costa Rica and looked forward every day to hanging at the pool house. Now, when the weather turns warm again, the Robinsons have the ideal hang out spot for a stay at home vacation. The kids couldn’t be happier and that means mom and dad couldn’t be happier either!

Outdoor Structure Material Options

If you’re considering an outdoor structure for your home, you’ll want to consider the different options available for the construction. When we consider materials, we should be considering the 4 seasons we have here in Rockland County and what materials are best suited to handling the swing in temperatures.

Consider some of your options:

  • PVC Construction
  • Timber Frame
  • Shingle
  • Granite
  • Terracotta
  • Custom columns
  • Custom trim work
  • And more

Do you have a structure in mind or are you just looking for ideas? When you think of an addition to your home landscaping that includes an outdoor structure, what do you envision? You can really get creative when considering a custom structure like the options listed above. Remember that some materials are better suited for different needs so be sure to consult with your custom outdoor structure construction company for options.

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