Summer is one week away and it has been a great spring already! Things are opening or opened, masks are off or coming off, travel may be back on the table, so the makings for a great summer are already upon us. But how do you ensure your yard and plants stay healthy when you and the family finally go see Grandma this summer? What about if it’s been raining a ton, how will your system know it doesn’t need more water? How will your system know if it hasn’t rained and the plants need to be hydrated? Enter the smart sprinkler system with wifi and BlueTooth connected controllers. 

Benefits of a Smart Irrigation Controllers

Having an automated sprinkler and irrigation system at home offers a lot of advantages. But let’s see some of the ways smart controllers can offer advantages to homeowners and property managers alike. 

#1 Use Less Water Save More Money

Smart Sprinkler System Contractor Rockland NY

Smart Sprinkler System Contractor Rockland NY

Different smart controllers can detect, select, adjust with daily weather, the species of plant, soil variety, angle or slope of the soil, and more. Certain varieties offer location or micro-climate adjustments if you experience different micro-weather than the overall weather of your location. You can also monitor the health of your system as certain controllers allow you to identify holes or leaks. 

Because up to 50% of home irrigation system water is wasted (not delivered to plants properly or delivered in excess) it is a huge waste of money and resources. If half of the water you’re using for irrigation isn’t reaching the plants or grass it is supposed to it a wasted opportunity and a waste of money.

#2 Overwatering vs. Under Watering

Common problems with using a non-smart irrigation controller are the issue of overwatering and under-watering. Did you know that the largest problem homeowners face with an irrigation system is overwatering as opposed to under-watering. Smart controllers will prevent both of these from happening. 

#3 Better Landscape Health

Always ensuring your plants and yard have the right amount of water is one of the jobs of a smart sprinkler. There is no guesswork using a smart rain sensor + controller. You can set presets that can be adjusted from wherever you are (using a smartphone) but the system will also adjust as necessary based on the amount of rain that is or if not falling.  

#4 Prepare for Water’s Future

Right now 1/3 of United States homeowners pay more for water than they do for electricity and that is likely to continue. You can add solar panels to your home to reduce your energy costs but you can’t just manufacture water out of thin air. As the cost of water increases and the availability of water decreases, expenses can be expected to go higher and higher. Smart irrigation controllers can help you stay a step ahead of this changing marketplace and water conservation as it happens. 

#5 Reduction of Hardscape Losses

Patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and other hardscaping areas aren’t living and don’t need to be watered. Accidental watering of these areas can lead to wear and damage like cracks and costly water erosion. You don’t want to aid the weather in damaging stone as it already does it well enough on its own.

#6 Avoid Fines from your HOA

Smart controllers prevent you from overwatering and can also prevent you from getting fined by your HOA or local government for watering when you shouldn’t be. You can be on vacation, a drought hits back home, and adjust your controllers from wherever you are to comply with the latest in the area. This adds to your savings. 

But, is a Smart Irrigation System right for you?

Do you like to save money where you can? Do you like to conserve water where you can? Does avoiding problems with your HOA sound like a good thing? There is a slew of reasons why homeowners and property managers opt for a Smart Irrigation System as opposed to one that requires manual upkeep.  Helping your home landcape design in lots of ways:

  • More flexibility
  • Reduce water waste
  • Comply with local government or HOA requirements
  • Adjust your schedule or areas as you need from any internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc)
  • Never miss a watering again
  • Keep your plants and yard healthy and hydrated
  • Time-saving
  • Greater efficiency

Hiring a Smart Sprinkler System Contractor

Working with a local irrigation system specialist doesn’t have to cost too much or be a difficult process. We’ve proudly served the Westchester, Rockland, Bergen, and Orange counties for over 30 years. We live where we work and we are proud to call ourselves your neighbors!

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