Winter is here and that means getting your home landscaping ready for spring around the corner! Days are getting longer and soon the weather will be warmer. A home sprinkler system could be a great addition to making your homes outdoor living space the best that it can be.

What is an Automated Sprinkler & Irrigation System?

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY

These systems in concept are rather straightforward. An automated sprinkler system will automatically water different areas of your property (lawn, garden, flower beds, trees, etc) with you having to manually go out there with a hose or set up a singular hose connected sprinkler head you have to move. The systems is set to a timer so that it waters at the same time each and every day. But what about over watering? The system also uses rain sensors so that it knows when there is a certain level of rain the sprinkler system should not activate and over saturate the yard. A home irrigation system is used in conjunction with a sprinkler system and essentially is an irrigation system to move excess water out when it rains heavy or the sprinkler system has some run off. These two will work together and are ideal for the vast majority of homes and lawns out there.

What are the Benefits?

Firstly this is a major time saving system. Traditionally home owners would have to manually water different garden or plant areas around their property. For large grassy lawn areas they’d have to connect a single sprinkler head to the hose and move it to the location their trying to water. This has major limitations. Often hoses and water pressure aren’t enough to reach those areas furthest from your home and they also tend to water very unevenly. This leads to some green areas and some very dried out areas as it’s very difficult to manually water an entire property equally by hand.

An automated sprinkler system cuts out the possibility of unequal watering and also reduces water waste. As one used to manually move hoses here and there it is not an efficient way to get water spread out equally. Hose lines can also kink and stop water flow. But the biggest benefit is that time saving aspect. As many of us staycation this year you’ll want to be out there playing with the kids, swimming in the pool and barbecuing at your outdoor kitchen. You won’t want to be out there in the hot sun lugging a hose and rudimentary sprinkler head to all areas of your property. So by getting an automated sprinkler system installed you improve the health of your property and save yourself countless hours week in and week out.

Timers & Water Sensors

As briefly mentioned above an automated irrigation and sprinkler system uses some basic technology to keep the system running efficiently. These are things like timers where you can set what area of the system is outputting water and for how long on any given day. Have a garden bed that you want to water at 7am every single morning and 7pm ever evening? Set the sprinkler timers to turn on for that garden zone for 7 am and then again for 7pm. Plants and vegetables (like people) like to be fed at the same times everyday where possible. By controlling when and how much water they are receiving your garden will flourish.

To prevent waste water or rain sensors are also used. When it begins to rain and your system is supposed to water soon, rain sensors will pick up on the water already falling from the sky and alert the system there is no need to activate the sprinklers at this time. This prevents water waste, wasted water costs, and also is better for the health of your lawn and plants. Water is good but just like for humans too much water can be a bad thing and you can actually damage plants by over-watering them (yes they can drown).

Who To Hire?

Because sprinkler and irrigations systems use water and are connected to the water table they have to be installed by certified and licensed irrigation system contractors. Any old Joe just won’t do. When it comes to getting the proper licenses to work with items that are connected to the water table and getting the proper permits, you’ll want to be sure you’re going with a company that has loads of experience and expertise with these sort of larger project. By searching online or asking your neighbors you can find out who they’d recommend, but as a rule it’s smart to go with a contractor who has no less than 10 years in operation and has installed over 100 irrigation systems.

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