When folks think of landscape design they often only consider the grass or plantings that are around the lawn. But there is far more to a making a home landscape beautiful and one of a kind than just cutting the grass properly. With different design features allowing for a completely custom look, it’s no wonder that many home owners have begun to explore this exciting, great looking and functional varieties. Here we’ll look specifically at custom built outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor living spaces that can really bring your home together. A place for friends, family, and fun through the spring, summer, fall and even winter months.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens Rockland NY

Custom Outdoor Kitchens Rockland NY

Why Choose An Outdoor Kitchen?

Grilling has become one of the main staples in American households when it comes to lunch and dinner time during warmer weather (even grilling during the winter for many nowadays). So it would seem to make perfect sense that many grill aficionados have taken their outdoor place of glorious food creation to the next level, above and beyond a stand alone gas grill. By deciding to really go after it and have a custom build outdoor kitchen built you are combining a few key elements. You are creating an area where you can clean, cook, and then eat your deliciously grilled food all while enjoying the outdoors with the family. Nothing beats grilling on the back patio to then join together for a meal at the outdoor dining area. Enjoying the breeze and the sounds of nature and wind on the trees. Since we do have bad winters and short days during the colder months, making the most out of the outdoors is something to really take advantage of with your family.

What Completes An Outdoor Kitchen?

So the grill is the main portion of the outdoor space but its great to also have a few gas stove top griddles attached as well. This means that you can be grilling while you are sautee’ing or cooking outside of the grill. An attached refrigerator and sink bring everything together so you can store, cook, eat, and clean all while enjoying the outdoors. Bar attachments can also be used making your outdoor kitchen the most complete kitchen and dining room in the entire neighborhood. What about an outdoor oven, brick oven or tandoor oven? You can start to really get creative and a great option to consider is a brick oven that is also a fireplace. As brick ovens really are fireplaces as well (depending on if coal or wood is used), you can get the best of both for this option. It can also double as a tandoori oven with a few tweaks. Grill fillet mignon while the kids make pizza margherita in the brick oven. This is fun and inclusive for the whole family let alone the ability to make pizza and other food better than local restaurants right in your own back yard!

What It All Means For Your Family

It means a great reason to spend more time outdoors and more time together. Its a great place to host birthday parties, pool parties, date night, a dinner party, or just a regular week night with the kids at home. It means having fun while cooking together and letting the kids get creative with pizza toppings. When you get everyone involved in something it makes everyone feel closer together. It means enjoying more time in the sun and in the fresh air and less time cooped up inside during the best months of the year. You’ll see how others in your family and the neighbors are always ready to come stop by for an outdoor dinner party no matter the occasion.

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