Thinking about a new patio or a new paver project for your home landscaping this year means more than simply hiring a jackhammer team and a backhoe to get started. You should be making more considerations and that includes things like stone varieties and styles, as well as what sort of top soil and/or mulch you’d like to have as trim. Here we’ll look at the different varieties to consider for a great looking paver project.

Topsoil, Mulch, and Compost Varieties For Trim

Patio Pavers Rockland County NY

Patio Pavers Rockland County NY

Not all soil is created equal, some is better for growing, some is better for preventing growing, while others are great for all weather and some just for warm weather. For mulch similar differences apply. Colors can be different, the smell itself of the mulch can be different, it suitability for growing will be different. There are even combinations of topsoil and dirt to consider, that are mixes which you may require. Here is the most commonly used options to consider and consult with your local landscaping contractor to make the right choice.

  • Black Shredded Mulch – dyed and shredded wood blend.
  • Brown Shredded Much – dyed and shredded wood blend.
  • Nutri-Mulch Compost – ideal for tilling a vegetable garden prior to planting for the season.
  • Premium Organic Compost – great for blending with existing toil or a darker top dressing.
  • Small Natural Bark – all natural and decorative tree bark
    Playground Woodchips – simple natural wood chips for color and soft landings.
  • Topsoil Blend – ideal for flower gardens or vegetables.
  • Topsoil Mountain Blend – great in flower or garden beds.
  • Topsoil (Screened) – sandy loam topsoil that has been screened.
  • Soil Pep Conditioner – great for blending into existing soil or a top dressing.

Stone Paver Varieties

Choosing the right stone variety for your new paver project (patio, walkways, paths, driveways, etc) is important as it’s not something that can be easily replaced or changed the way that soil or mulch can. So take careful consideration into the color, style, cut, and natural or artificial options you may or may not like. Get ideas from other people’s homes that you like or talk with your local landscaping professional about what best suits our northeastern weather and the layout of what the new project will be. Some are natural and some are artificial so keep that in mind.

  • Cobblestone – can be used in a variety of designs and creates an old-world feel.
  • Brick – A type of manufactured stone, they offer a classic look and are extremely strong and have a long durability time frame.
  • Concrete – very durable and weatherproof as well as can be laid in a variety of styles.
  • Bluestone – a natural stone that uses a mixture of particles like sand and has a blue-grayish hue that gives it it’s name.
  • Rubber – offering a totally different feel that traditional patio’s or walkways, they are non-slip and need almost no maintenance.
  • Travertine – pavers that are typically more texture and have grooves and small holes, also very durable.
  • Flagstone – natural stone cut from a quarry it is very durable, safe, and will typically stay cooler than other stones as they don’t absorb heat, great for direct sunlight and hot climates.

As you can see there can be a lot of thought put into a new patio, walkway, or driveway. More than just how you’d like things to be shaped we see that the actual materials to choose from is quite large. Be sure to consult a local Patio Pavers Rockland County NY professional for over 30 years in expertise. Call today for a free consultation and quote: 845-757-8815

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