It’s the heart of spring and you may be starting to look at your home and brainstorm on the updates and changes you’re planning to make this season. That could be something small or something large, and if you’re considering a new custom patio or an update to a particular area of stone on your property, you’ll want to keep these modern popular options in mind.

Custom Patios – One Of A Kind

Custom Patio Installation Rockland NY

Custom Patio Installation Rockland NY

One of the best aspects of having a customer patio installed on your property is just that, it is custom. That means no other patio out there will be 100% identical to the one you’re having installed making it unique and individual. This means that you can really get creative when it comes to the drawing board. Want a custom built outdoor kitchen added to your patio? How about a fire pit? Water feature or coy pond? What about a retaining wall that can also be counter space? A brick oven? A walkway to the pool area? Your patio doesn’t have to be just a patio, it can be a functional and great looking aspect of your home landscaping. A part of your home to be utilized often and to show off to guests and friends. Get creative and get some planning with professional help of the landscaping contractor you’re working with or considering working with.

Stone Varieties Are Plentiful

Standard red brick is a thing of the past but how about lighter brick coloring interlocking pavers? Today there are loads of different materials and color schemes that can be used when it comes to choosing a stone variety. You can use a singular color, or a color scheme, or even a pattern or design with different color stones that when placed in a particular order make outdoor artwork that is also functional. We live in the northeast so going with strong and sturdy materials will be important so they can withstand the harshest winter cold and the hottest summer sun. Looking great on their own is something modern stone varieties do but when combined with other design features and aesthetic ideals it can be more than just a patio, it will be a place to enjoy.

Design & Construction

Getting creative is something you can really take advantage of when it comes to choosing options of a custom patio. But if you’re unsure of what you should or should not be considering when it comes to a new design that will work with your home and lawns aesthetics, you can get help. Local landscaping and construction companies will be more than happy to provide you a consultation and quote when it comes to your new upcoming project. Size and scope will make a difference in what choices you should be making and of course your budget as well. If you don’t know these things or are more open ended when it comes to the design and cost, you can have the contractor draw up a design or blueprint as to what they believe would be the best use of your space. This makes it easier to get a few ideas and move forward, but if you have an image in your mind of what things should look like, this is what you should be letting them know.

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