Many business owners have their businesses located in commercial space which may be outdated or in need of some landscaping repairs. A common place where damage or wear and tear will happen is in old fashioned brick or older style retaining walls. If you own the property of have a say in what updates are done each year, updating and replacing the retaining walls can make for a great choice. Not only are they good looking when done well but they also serve useful purposes that go beyond the aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at what a new wall can do for your business.

Commercial Retaining Walls Rockland NY

Commercial Retaining Walls Rockland NY

1. Divide Space & Keep Things Linear

One of the most obvious uses for a retaining wall is to partition space in a commercial location. It can be useful to separate different shop entrances from one another, act as a convenient place for people to sit outside of a shop, or divide the shops window from the sidewalk allowing for plantings and landscape lighting to be utilized for night shoppers. If you have been to a modern doctor’s office or really any retail space built or updated in the past decade, you’ll notice that modern variety of stone work is very different from the decades of old. Depending on the style, you’ll notice that they are more rounded, cut in various shapes, offer different color schemes and interlocking designs. The same goes for modern retaining walls. If using natural stone, you’ll see more stone varieties and stable ways in which they are built into the wall. If using blue stone or other cut stone varieties, you’ll see the different pattern options you can choose from. Weaving, interlocking, layered, and more.

2. Improve Site Drainage & Hold Back Water

Retaining walls can be very useful when it comes to keeping water at bay and allowing for a drainage path or slope from the property. This will need to be done with proper permits (like all building projects do) and can keep your property from flooding or getting damaged by excessive water. If a specific area of your property always gets major puddles following heavy rain that comes from a specific source or angle in the ground, a retaining wall can be used to direct the water out and away.

3. Make Maintenance Simpler

A flattened area is far simpler to mow, prune, treat, or plant in comparison to a sloped or angled area. They can make for far easier landscape management and maintenance when it comes to weekly upkeep. Furthermore, retaining walls can provide a great way to separate beds and turf itself. A new wall can change a major sloped area to a flat area so it’s easier to maintain but also you can then use the flat space for other construction projects like water features a pergola house or other structures.

4. Offer Handicap Accessibility

Offering a way for handicap customers and clients into your business is not only good for business but also required by law. Retaining walls can accentuate and be used to create the proper slope angle for wheelchair accessibility.

There are lots of different reasons to update or install a retaining wall in your commercial space. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also provide legitimate functionality. Get the most out of if with proper planning and blueprinting with a qualified contractor.

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