Nothing is more damaging to a home landscape than major water or flood damage. With the amount of rain we consistently get each and every year, not to mention the snow and ice, having a way for this water to filter through your property without forming damaging pools, mud, or cave in zones can save you from major cleanup costs and headaches. But what sort of system is best? Do you also have areas that need to be watered in the case of drought? How do drainage systems work? These questions and more will be covered here.

Home Drainage System Contractor Rockland NY

Home Drainage System Contractor Rockland NY

Drainage & Irrigation Systems

You know your lawn better than anyone else and if you’ve ever walked outside after some major rain and sank into the ground or had what looked like pools or small ponds form, you know what not having a drainage system can mean. Grass will die from drowning and even plants and trees can be over watered from rain. Not to mention the risk for mosquito factories that stagnant water turns into in the warm weather which can increase your families risk of mosquito born bites and illnesses. In circumstances where you have major problem areas or live by a stream that consistently overflows, an irrigation drainage system will alleviate water build up and reduce or remove the ongoing water stagnation that you’re experiencing now.

Home Automated Sprinkler Systems

On the other hand, where there is little to no rain for extended periods of time and the fact that we are seeing temperatures get progressively warmer year by year, your yard and plants are at risk of dying from dehydration. An automated sprinkler system has a load of different benefits. First and foremost it will keep your yard healthy and your plants thirst quenched. Secondly, rain sensors and timers mean that you’re never over-watering and that you are watering at the optimal time of the day or night. Thirdly, you are saved from the hassle of manually going out with a hose to water your yard, plants or garden, or moving an individual sprinkler around different areas and never really watering evenly. The amount of time and effort that is saved by using an automated sprinkler system is substantial.

Finding A Suitable Landscape Contractor

For this sort of work any old lawn care company really won’t be able to fit the bill. First of all there are insurance issues that must be addressed but more importantly is the proper local and state certification for working with water structures that will lead to the water table. A drainage system done incorrectly can damage local sewer systems, allow undesired materials into the local water table, and cause major structural damage to systems already in place in your municipality. That means that only a company with experience in these sorts of projects who has the proper insurance and certifications will do.

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