2020 has arrived and that mean a new decade and a slew of new ways to look at your home landscaping design. Pavers and other stone varieties make for some incredible functional and aesthetically pleasing options that can bring any home to the next level. Here we’ll look at some choices to consider like walkways, paths, patios, retaining walls, and more. Take some of these into consideration as spring slowly but surely approaches and you’ll be ready to get moving as soon as the warmer weather arrives.

Patio Paver Contractors Rockland County NY

Patio Paver Contractors Rockland County NY

1. Walkways & Paths

This can be an option to consider under a few different circumstances. Firstly, if you have a damaged or just outdated paver walkway from one are of your home to another (such as the front door steps to the driveway), or from the patio your pool area, considering an update and complete re-design may be the right fit. Modern interlocking paver stone varieties are durable, they look great, and offer a level of ingenuity and uniqueness that traditional brick paths did not. Talk with your local landscaping and construction expert to see what will work the best for your property within your budget.

2. Outdoor Patio

A custom built outdoor paver patio is one of the best ways to take advantage of some additional space in your property or to enhance an old patio that you currently have. With the popularity if outdoor kitchens and other outdoor areas which are combined with a patio on the rise, considering a patio variety of your own design can be fun, great looking, and an area of your outdoor living space that the family and friends can really get behind and enjoy. Think of those summer parties on the back lawn, now think of them with your own outdoor custom built kitchen and patio which uses your space in ways you have not previously thought of. Combine them with a retaining wall and outdoor landscape lighting and you have a patio that totally transforms the way you view and the way you use your outdoor space.

3. New Driveway

We are all familiar with traditional black top driveways which are common place around the United States and our area here in New York. But there are more options and if its in your budget and in your mind a completely unique and incredible looking driveway idea is with interlocking paver stones. You can make these incredible looking and lead directly to the front door of the house and also around the house to your custom patio. It can provide a uniformity to your home which no one else in the neighborhood will really have yet all of who will notice and appreciate. It can also bring an old world feel if you go with cobblestone or something more traditional while using long lasting paver stones. So play around with some ideas and start moving.

4. Stone Varieties

You’re not limited to classic red brick the way you were some decades ago. Its is now 2020 and that means a whole new decade. As technology increases faster and faster for thing like phones and computers, so to is the technology every moving forwards when it comes to different stone and construction methods, especially for paver varietals. Colors, stone varieties, designs, and more can now all be completely customized. There is no one home or one family and that means you don’t have to go only with a one size fits all model when choosing your paver stones. Discuss the best option for our weather and for your budget with a local landscaping contractor and get started today.

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