With November arriving with a chill in the air (we hit below freezing last night for the first time this season), you’ll need to start going through your winterization checklist. Delaying on this sort of home maintenance is something that can spell disaster now and especially come next spring when we thaw out. We’re also talking about more than leaf clean up here as well. Different aspects of a home landscape will have specific needs when it comes to surviving winter, here we’ll look at those.

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland NY

1. Automated Sprinkler Systems

If you haven’t already had your automated sprinkler completely winterized you really need to get this done immediately. With nights already going below zero you leave your system at great risk of damage to the integrity of the entire system. Pipes and lines that retain water during the freezing nights are at a high risk of bursting or being damaged. So get in touch with your local sprinkler and irrigation system landscape contractor to get the system completely winterized. This involves things like blowing or flushing out all of the water in the lines, removing timers and sensors (or preparing for winter so they are turned off), and checking every sprinkler head and zone to ensure each head and line are flushed. Failure to do this and you risk the entire system being compromised, an expensive and headache filled disaster in the making.

2. Leaf-Clean Up & Maintenance

Most of the leaves have now fallen from trees and that means a lot of cleaning up if you have trees around your yard (which most of us do). Getting out there can be time consuming and not everyone will be able to find the time during the short weekends to do this kind of yard work. Hiring a landscape contractor to clean up the yard so that it’s ready for winter is a great way to get this done when you can’t. Also, certain plants, trees, lawns, and shrubs will need to undergo a winterization process as well. Things like spraying or pruning and adding fertilizers may be necessary to help smaller or weaker plants survive the coldest of cold days we will see. This can also be done to the grass and yard.

3. Being Snow & Ice Ready

We’re already hearing talk of our first snow arriving in the next few days and with temperatures plummeting at nights to below freezing, preparing for snow and ice is a must. Now, because many of us have incredibly busy schedules, getting up an extra hour early to go out and shovel or snow blow and throw rock salt is not our idea of starting the day. Not only is there time and physical constraints but also sleep constraints. Hiring a local snow removal contractor who has a fleet of trucks and knows the area is an incredible way to cut out the worst parts of the winter (ice and snow management in the freezing cold dark mornings). If you run a business, own a commercial property, or are a landlord then hiring a commercial snow and ice management company is something you’ve undoubtedly done for years. Just be sure you’re using a reputable company with a large fleet of trucks so that all your needs can be met no matter how much it snows or how often it snows.

Winter is just around the corner and fall is in its golden cold glory right now. Delaying on any one of these landscaping winterization aspects can result in a greater headache and cost to you down the road. So do yourself a favor and put things in place now before the worst of the winter weather arrives. Consider the colds of last year and remember that to delay is to risk damage.

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