The late August heat is here and in full swing with the coming days and weekends pushing close to 100 degrees and over 90% humidity. That is the definition of hot! When you’re clothes get soaked from sweat just moments after you step outdoors in the hot sun. So, remodeling your backyard to make this sort of heat and sun enjoyable is a great way to get the most out of the daylight before the colder weather starts to creep back into our daily lives. Here we’ll look at ways you can do this sort of thing, on a budget this summer season.

Landscape Design Contractors Rockland NY

Landscape Design Contractors Rockland NY

New Pool Installation

There is no more obvious way to remodel or a better way to stay cool in the heat of the summer than with a beautiful new pool installation in your backyard. They are visually appealing (if done well), inviting to a party or a relaxing day at pool side, and are fun for all ages not just kids. In-ground or above ground? Well that will depend on the amount of space you’re working with, your budget, and what works the best with your current outdoor layout.

If you have limited space an above ground pool is probably more suitable as they are a fixed circular shape that can be worked into your layout or even attached to your deck or patio. In-ground pools will require a bit more space so that you can also meet the state and local safety requirements for installing an in-ground pool No matter which route you go, this is the most obvious way to update your outdoor space.

Deck and Patio Choices

So if you live in a bi-level home a deck is a great way to lead into the backyard and have an outdoor space for barbecues and relaxation. Most likely you already have one but if it is dated or starting to fall into disrepair, it’s time to think about a new one. Patios on the other hand can be added to a home aesthetic no matter what sort of home design it is. Be it bi-level or colonial or something else, patio pavers make a great place to barbecue, relax, and really just be outdoors during this beautiful warm season. Patios can be attached to in-ground or above ground pools as well so you and the family can go directly from the house to the patio to the pool, without having to walk on grass. Many choices are available for patio’s and be sure to consult your local contractor regarding the types of stone and shapes you’d like to see, you can get pretty customized.

New Walkways And Paths

Over time walkways and paths will become damaged by the harsh heat of the summer and the even harsher cold of the winter. If yours are starting to fall apart its time to consider some updates. Or, maybe you don’t have a walkway from the house to the pool and you’d like one. Or maybe you need a new walkway around the house or from the driveway to the front door. Whatever the need, a nice paver walkway custom built to suit your landscape design is a great way to keep things looking great and a very noticeable update to your outdoor aesthetics. These combine function and feel and can really bring a home complete and full circle on the outdoor side of things.

No matter how things are looking right now, be sure to take advantage of the rest of the summer that we are enjoying now. Look at neighbors, look at other homes and friends places for inspiration as to what you’d like to see updated. Consult your local landscaping contractor to determine what is the best route on your individual budget this year and get the ball rolling today. For the best in all things Landscape Design Contractors Rockland NY, look no further than 30+ years of local expertise serving our area right here at 845-727-8815

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