Cooler nights and days have started to arrive and even though we are still technically in summer the change is happening. That means making sure of a few things when it comes to your home landscaping. If this winter is anything like last winter we’ll be in for lots of col and snow. Here is a rundown of how you can take advantage of the remaining summer days and all of fall before the big chill arrives.

Home Landscape Design Contractors Rockland NY

Home Landscape Design Contractors Rockland NY

1. Preparedness

It may seem like a no brainer to prepare for the coldest part of the year. But that means more than just buying fire wood. If you have an automated sprinkler system you’ll have to “winterize” it and that means some specific things you may not be familiar with. Bringing in timers and sensors as well as clearing out all lines and disconnecting the water supply to them is a must. Don’t do this too late either. Many of the nights in the late fall can bring freezing temperatures and that means risk of pipes bursting if they still have water in them. Don’t delay and get your irrigation system specialist in to make sure everything is prepared ahead of time. Water features and coy ponds will also need to be prepared for the winter so be sure you’re bringing in the professionals to get this done.

2. Tree & Shrub Maintenance

You may think trees and shrubs should only be pruned at the beginning of the warm weather season so that they grow new foliage healthily. But there are also certain breeds which will need to be trimmed before the winter arrives. If you are unsure of weather or not the plants you have around your yard need this sort of winterization care, be sure to consult your local landscape company as they will know exactly what needs to be done. Other more delicate trees will not only need to be trimmed but also wrapped and prepared for the cold temperatures. Not doing this makes it easy for them to freeze and split, killing them or injuring them permanently. For the sake of your plants and your landscaping decor, be sure to get this done before the worst cold arrives and it is too late.

3. Season Ending Landscaping Updates

With the landscaping season beginning to die down you may have already put off those unfinished projects until next year. But you should not! It’s still technically summer and the fall season is huge for getting deals on larger and smaller scale landscape design projects. There is never a better time of the year to have a new patio paver installed with an outdoor fire place that you and the family can enjoy throughout the entire fall season. Or an outdoor kitchen where you can enjoy the cooler weather while grilling outside and enjoying the fire pit. Don’t be reserved to staying indoors just because the temperature has started to drop. Take advantage of the time left and get out there.

There is no better season to get the most out of some landscaping updates. Not only will scheduling be better as many other projects are completed already, but you will more than likely be able to get a discount in comparison to the busiest time of the year. So don’t hesitate and get started.

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