The summer has come and almost gone too quickly with Labor Day this weekend and everyone back to school next week. But summer is not completely over yet and that means making the most of the remaining warm weather days and weeks as we head towards fall. If you’ve been running around too much to accomplish the home landscaping goals you had set, either from traveling with family or working, you still have time to make it happen. Here we’ll look at the masonry and paver options you will want to get going straightaway.

Paver Companies Rockland NY

Paver Companies Rockland NY

Patios & Walkways

There is no greater paver addition to your home landscaping than a beautiful and sturdy patio and walkway. There is some planning that you’ll have to get some guidance on, but when it comes down to it a patio area that is connected your backyard makes a great area for loads of fun. Not only does it look great but it serves a functional purpose as well. A backyard grilling area or place to hang out in the spring, summer, and fall come to mind immediately. Add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace and enjoy the space outdoors during the cooler nights and all through the fall foliage. Different stone choices also allow for unique designs that look great and are individual to your home.

A new paver walkway is another way to really bring your home landscaping design together. If your current path is cracked, damaged, or just looks dated; a new walkway will be a great choice. Consider function as well such as path from the driveway to the front door, or from your patio to the pool. Designs can be unique and with some landscape lighting and good looking mulching and plant varieties it can feel completely natural to your home landscape design.

Summer Ending Landscaping Project Discounts

Though we’re all sad to see the warm weather come and go, there are some advantages to waiting until this late in the season for larger landscaping projects. Because the season will be ending towards the end of fall, landscape contractors will be looking to offer some great deals on getting this sort of work started and finished before the cold. There season for these sorts of projects is equally as short as our summer and many will not have too much going on through the winter besides snow clearing. So, be sure to ask about what sort of season ending sales and bonuses are on offer from your favorite local landscaping company. Be sure to work with someone who has been serving the area for a long time and has loads of examples for you to consider of their past work.

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