With summer starting to creep towards its end we still have plenty of sunshine and warm weather left to enjoy. That means that it’s not too late to get the most out of updating your home landscaping for the end of summer and all of fall. There are so many different choices to consider, maybe you have a need of a particular area or old fixture that needs updating, or you want to see some changes to the design as a whole, whatever it may be now is a great time.

Home Landscape Design Rockland NY

Home Landscape Design Rockland NY

Needed Landscape Changes

Let’s say you have an old retaining wall that was installed when the house was first build in the 1970’s. Over the years and changes from hot to cold with the seasons, that wall is now in disrepair and needs to be removed and redone completely. This is one type of need that would be a great summer ending fix. Not only is there still time to get started with your local landscape contractor to plan the design and installation, but you’ll also get to enjoy it during the remaining warm weather weeks.

Functional Landscape Updates

Let’s say that you have a home automated sprinkler system and you’re having major issues with sprinkler heads or the water lines connected to it. This is something that you need to functional normally to maintain the system and your grass or garden areas (wherever the heads may be). This is the type of functional fix that should be completed this year instead of next year. The winter will only make any of the issues you’re sprinkler system is experiencing worse, so get started today so you have a sprinkler system that is ready for the rest of the season and first thing when spring comes next year.

Aesthetic Landscape Design Updates

There may be parts of your landscape that need to be fixed or updated, but there also may be areas that are undamaged or empty that you want to see take advantage of. Let’s say you have a patio that sits by your pool but is not connected to it by any sort of path or walkway. Having a paver walkway or natural stone walkway installed connecting these two areas is a great way to really bring a home landscaping aesthetic together and make everything be and feel connected. Blue stone or natural cut stone is a great choice, or even modern bricks. These last a long time and really can bring a design together.

No matter what sort of landscaping work you’re considering having done this summer, be sure that you get a move on. Soon school will start again and we will all have less time in the day (and that goes beyond the fading sunlight!).

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