This has been one of the rainiest May and June in recent memory and that means everything will be lush, green, and thriving once we get consistent sun. Even now, many home owners have seen how quickly their grass is growing, and as it’s been so rainy you may be slightly delayed in starting some updates to your home landscaping design. Especially when the other day’s lows were night time temperatures below 40 degrees, head to the drawing board and make a list of your highest, regular, and lowest priorities.

Landscaping Design Contractors Rockland NY

Landscaping Design Contractors Rockland NY

Creating A Prioritized List

Considering how you left things last summer and fall, you may or may not have a good idea of the sort of work you’d like to complete this 2019 season. So, it’s a great idea to create a list that prioritizes different projects from high priority to low priority. Here we’ll look at an example home owners landscaping priority list.

Example: Jim S. – homeowner in New City, NY with a sizable property, desires to pick up where last year was left and get to as many items as possible before the fall. Jim wants to make a prioritized list before he talks to a landscaping design contractor here in Rockland County NY.

High Priority:

  1. Outdoor Kitchen in time for son’s high school graduation party – as the school year has about 6 weeks to go, this is a high priority in terms of time allowed. Now, if meeting the party date is not important this can be moved below #2.
  2. Irrigation system has been damaged over the harsh winter and is not bringing water properly, the water pools and over saturates some areas while providing no water to other areas of the lawn and gardens. This must be address as a high priority to fix the water lines and repair the automated sprinkler system.
  3. Re-Mulching All Areas – this will be high because it should be done very early in the season as all other landscaping design changes involving plants and trim will require this to be completed. Therefore, it is a high priority.

Medium Priority:

  1. Lawn Mowing & Bush Pruning – this is something that needs to be done on a regular basis (mowing) and possibly even more than once a week (consider the rain right now), while bush pruning typically can be done once or maybe twice a season depending on the species. However, because mowing must be done regularly it will be a medium priority and not something that can be put off.
  2. Retaining Wall Repair – the retaining wall in the back yard was damaged this winter but has not fallen over or collapsed. There is visible damage but the structure is more or less stable. This would be a good project to have a professional landscape company tackle after or at the same time as the top priority work is being done.

Low Priority:

  1. Water Feature and Coy Pond – if the projects listed above have not been completed it may not be the best idea to go straight for something that although is very aesthetically pleasing for a home landscape design, is unessential for other aspects. Therefore this is a low priority.
  2. Changing plant varieties – if the plants, brushes, and trees from last year are not damaged and you’re simply looking to make a change in the look of the property, changing the different plants and tress is a great idea. However, considering the previous species are ok and living this would be a low priority.

From this example person’s checklist we can get a great idea of how to prioritize different home landscaping projects you’re looking to see done this year. Of course your own individual list may look similar or it may look very different in terms of the projects and the priorities given. Talk with your husband or wife, your children, and other members of the household and get input to make it a total family decision. That way everyone can be happy about the changes you’re making and feel like they’ve had a say, yes even the kids will appreciate this.

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