Spring is moving right along and you may be wondering, is this the year we install that pool I promised the kids? Or is this the year you’ll have the pool remodeled or completely renovated? Well, there is no better time than right here in the heart of spring to seriously start considering your options.

Pool Renovation Rockland County NY

Pool Renovation Rockland County NY

New Pool Build

So, if you’re starting from scratch you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. First and foremost, will you be looking for an in-ground or above ground pool? Getting permits is the first step, but also choosing above or below ground. Talk to your family, talk to your pool contractor, and weigh the pros and cons of each. In-ground pools are typically larger and can be greater customized. Above ground pools cost less (filter system, chemicals, etc), but also offer less customization. In-ground will be a little more work but also you can add diving boards and water slides. No matter what, making the decision to install a pool is the first step.

Pool Remodeling/Renovation

So, for an in-ground pool a remodel will more likely mean new tiling options or new pool area updates. Like a change in the coping or adding an attached hot tub, or even what new trees and plants will go around the pool. Water features like coy ponds or waterfalls can really bring a pool area together and are relatively easy projects to get started and completed. So, see where your pool is lacking. Does it need an attached outdoor kitchen and fire place? Or how about a bar area and cabana?

Above ground remodels and renovations will be a little different. Changes to the siding or surround plants can be considered, or a complete change to a more modern and updated above ground pool. Energy efficient filter systems should be considered and less toxic pool water chemicals as well. Renovations don’t just have to be physical they can also be existential in the maintenance (chemical changes) or surrounding plant varieties.

Adding A Pool Area Deck

In-ground pools you can attach to a low standing deck or patio area. While above ground pools can have a little bit more decking options to consider. How about a bi-level deck that ends surrounding the pool? These are getting more and more popular and are a great way to connect your back deck on a bi-level home to your pool in the back yard and make for a great family and and party “compound” (or at least the appearance of a compound).

Having and using a pool this summer will mean different things for different families. Whether installing a new pool, or remodeling your current one, don’t waste anymore time and get moving. The summer season will be here before we know it and having your pool in-tow and ready to be enjoyed doesn’t have to take long or cost too much.

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