With the longest days of the year providing great warmth and sunshine this summer season, it’s a great time to really enhance your home landscaping. If you’ve got a project in mind or are just playing with some options, here is a list of the most applicable updates for your home this year.

Home Landscaping Bergen County NJ

Home Landscaping Bergen County NJ

1. Plants & Trees

Traditional home landscaping means more than lawn mowing and trimming, choosing great looking and functional plants and tree species is a great enhancement to any outdoor living space. From seasonal to perennial options you can add color and fragrance to your property with dazzling range.

2. Pool Side Landscaping

Along with plants and trees around your yard, this season enhance the aesthetics of your pool area. Flower beds and other plant varieties go great by any poolside and can really bring your outdoor space together.

3. Irrigation Systems

An automatic sprinkler system is a must for large yards or anyone looking to keep everything green and lush no matter the weather. With rain sensors and timers, an automated irrigation system is the ultimate home landscaping option.

Though we may not want to believe it the longest day of the year has come and gone. But there is plenty of sunshine left over the next 3 months to enjoy your outdoor space. Make the most of your home’s landscape design this season.

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