Having a great looking landscape doesn’t have to mean you can only enjoy it during the daylight hours when the sun is up. In fact, with even a little bit of planning you can turn your landscaping into a usable and wonderful outdoor space no matter the time of day. Here we’ll look at some options to consider when planning a landscape lighting and nightscape addition to your home.

1. Path & Walkway Lighting

Landscape Lighting Rockland County NY

Landscape Lighting Rockland County New York

Having a well lit walkway from your driveway or sidewalk to your front door, as well as a well lit path from your back door to your pool or backyard area can not only look great, but also help your family and friends move comfortably around the yard even in the dead of night. No more needing spotlights when you host parties or have friends over, and considering there are so many different options including green energy friendly choices, you can start to get quite creative.

2. Enhancing A Garden Or Trees

Wish you could see your beautiful flowers, vegetable garden, or trees at night when you’re enjoying the warm weather outdoors. Using nightscape and outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance any landscape and really put some great focus on particular plants or sections of your yard that you particularly enjoy. Spotlights, low lighting, bright or colored lights can completely change how you perceive your night landscape.

3. Pool Area Lighting

Another great option for landscape lighting is when you have a pool area which has plants and other features which can be well lit for night time use and enjoyment. Similarly to enhancing a garden area, you can make focal points both towards the water, gate, fence, and plants that surround your pool landscaping.

4. Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Having and outdoor kitchen or fireplace is great but if you have little or no real outdoor lighting to go with it, it may defeat a lot of the purpose. When you can cook outdoors at night or enjoy a fireplace with proper lighting it really brings your landscaping full circle.

With even just a few minutes of planning and research you can find countless ways to enhance your outdoor living spaces, garden, pool area, and landscaping with beautiful and functional outdoor lighting. For the best Landscape Lighting Rockland County NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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