The days are getting shorter and colder and before we know it, winter and all of its beauty and difficulties will be upon on. But while we continue to enjoy Fall, you still have time to make some changes and updates to your home landscaping. Here we’ll be looking at some retaining wall designs to consider for your home.

Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

1. Concrete Blocks

Here we see one of the most common, good looking, as well as versatile modern style of retaining walls. This is the style that most home owners and commercial spaces utilize. They are easy to design as well as work with and offer great versatility in terms of structures, curves, heights, and more. Even different colors are available, for an all new landscaping look, consider concrete blocks for your new retaining wall.

2. Natural Stone Wall

Here we come to a more classic turn of the century style that offers a more natural environment look and feel, using natural stone, boulders, and rubble to build a beautifully looking natural retaining wall structure. Colors and stone varieties can offer great versatility and uniqueness, but these stones are also harder to work with, to stack and design properly with weight and angles in mind. Here professionals should be hired who have the tools like large trucks and the experience to fit everything in place and look great.

3. Wood Plank and Timber Walls

Retaining walls don’t have to be only stone or concrete blocks either, you can choose from a wide range of different wood plank and timber designs to choose from. Classic for making raised gardens, play areas for children, walled off areas for your pets, or the classic use of keeping the earth shaped. Wood offers a natural look with loads of color schemes and designs to choose from, choosing a sturdy and long lasting wood species will be important to ensure the wall lasts.

Fall is moving along and there is still time to make some major changes and updates to your home landscaping. Get estimates now, you may find that the pricing is far more favorable than you may have thought at the end of the season, but time is running out as its now November! For over 30 years of local expertise and the finest in Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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