This summer was hot and dry, with plants, yards, and ourselves suffering throughout the long and hazy, rain free months. As we move into the fall and cooler weather approaches, you still have some time to think about your landscaping for the holiday season. So keeping a landscape fresh and exciting can seem all but impossible.

Home Landscape Design Rockland NY

Home Landscape Design Rockland NY

1. Choosing The Right Plant Varieties

We know that the summers here are typically hot and humid, with hazy days and lots of moisture in the air (even if it doesn’t rain that much like this year). So keeping the best suited perennials and annuals to our New York climate will be an ideal way to ensure your plants thrive during the harshest parts of the summer. From flowers to shrub varieties, and even gardening specialities, knowing which varieties to go with is half the battle.

2. Knowing When To Water

Water is one of the most critical pieces to a thriving landscape, and sometimes that can be hard to come by naturally during the summer. So, having a well maintained home irrigation system is the ultimate solution to proper water management and recycling. Timers that know when it does rain so there is no over saturation after long dry spells, and that are synced with the sun to always provide your plants and yard with crucial water at the most ideal point of the day.

3. Hiring A Professional

With families returning from vacations, the kids back in school, and still so much else to do each day, knowing who to hire when it comes time to making a home landscape upgrade is important. Go with only qualified and licensed professionals who have operated with high marks in your home town for years. With just a quick phone call or free in-home consultation, you can be quickly on your way to making your back yard the oasis it deserves to be.

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